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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday's Tip getting ready for Winter!

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     Winter can be fast upon us and with this comes the cold weather and possible snow if you are fortunate enough...  So what can you do to prep.  Well below are a few things to do to get ready so you aren't left out in the cold!  No pun intended...  Follow these things but also let us know of any we missed or you may do as well!

1)  Make sure your snowblower is ready.  Check the oil and gas and see if you can start it.  If we get snow early you don't want to be fighting this when its cold.

2)  Closer to late fall winterize your lawn mower so in the spring you won't have issues starting it up!

3)  Close your storm windows in your house.  This will keep the heat in when it gets colder out.

4)  Start your furnace.  Make sure your furnace turns on!  Kinda a big one.

5) Check insulation, you may not get it fixed this year but figure out how your insulation is and if you need to invest next year.

6)  Switch your summer and winter things.  Take our your warmer cloths and get ready to put away those summer ones!

7)  Make sure your car is ready!  Check your ties, get a tune up, ect.  You need good tires for winter so invest now!

8)  Do any last clean up around the yard.  I know leaves will fall but think about raking out the gardens or pulling weeds one more time.  Also spray the borders of your home with home/bug spray.  When it gets colder out, bugs will try to get in to stay warm.  Put a protective barrier up around your home.

9)  Check your driveway, if you haven't gotten it sealed yet and it needs it, do it!

10)  Make sure not only you but your family is prepped for winter.  Getting cloths, things to just keep you warm.

     There are of course many others but these really are important.  Winter isn't something we can mess with.  The cold and snow will make it difficult to live.  Making sure you are ready will make live so much easier.  I know I post this every fall but it really is just that important!  I hope you enjoyed this post and honestly get ready for winter because ready or not...  It will come...

Always Remember,
You are Never Alone...


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