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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let's Go Sledding!

Today was a great day.  I woke up and Quinn and i got breakfast together.  I made her bacon and eggs.  After breakfast we went to pick up an early christmas gift.  Uncle Kenny got Quinn a sled!  We packed up and headed to Ellison Park I had the sled, my snowboard and Quinn, it was a enough to just get to the hill!

The first time down was an event, she didn't like it at all.  We went down a couple more times and she got the hang of it.  I think she liked how we would wipe out at the bottom.  She also learned how to get a free ride.

First time sledding!!!

My future snowboarder

Mommy joined us. she did all the hard work

After i took a nap on the couch

Uncle Vinny came over! 

After Quinn woke up for her nap. We had a visitor!  Vinny came over and hung out with us for a little Quinn mad sure Vinny knew it was her bear!

After, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Ro, Quinn and I went out for our annual dinner.  We went to Creacent Beach.  It was good, Quinn loved all the lights and she ate four olives which is new to me!  After dinner we walked around outside and saw all the lights.  Quinn loved the place she walked around in and out she was the star of the show!  Everyone in the place loved her!  They watched and laughed as she made them all stop to watch her.  After we were done we had a little dessert then home for bed!

Ohh Quinn, let's not pull the electric cords! 

Here we all are!

We had such a wonderful day and we still have tomorrow to go!

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