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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve!

I woke up early and started to get ready.  I think the days of sleeping in are over!  I got ready and headed over to Brookes to pick up Quinn.  I stopped over and said hello, she was so excited to see me.  I hung out a little, it was cute Quinn and Brooke got me a present.  Quinn was so excited she gave me their gift and I told her I would open it tomorrow with her.

When we left i has some quick stops to make then we got home for some lunch.  My parents came over as i was putting her down and we started setting up.  When she woke up we all just hung out got dinner ready and watched some TV and played with some toys.

Here I am with Aunt Ro

Cooking with Oma

Im a little chef!

Chilling with dad and uncle kenny

Oma, Poppi, dad and I

Just chilling with the boys

Presents time!

Here u go uncle kenny!

Wow look at all this cool stuff!

My first computer

Help me poppi

This ones bigger than me!

Here you go Oma!

Oma and Poppi and I

Chilling with Poppi

The Gourd my parents made for me!

Night Uncle Kenny!
 Giving Uncle Kenny a good night hug and kiss!
  He has the biggest soft side for Quinn.

We had such a good night.  She did really well and its funny to see my big brother play with her.  As she grows older its so cool to see her personality grow and how she has us all wrapped around her finger.  We had a good dinner then hung out and cleaned up!  Next year were doing take out!! Man owning my own house is tiring...  Im read for pizza, wings and throw away plates!  

But when everyone leaves the house quiets down and you miss the excitement.  I put Quinn to bed and just relaxed.  We had a early morning so i went to bed after one long day.

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