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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Old Times, Old Friends...

Work this week was busy but slow... I had very few planned calles but lots of small fires to put out.  It was nice Paychex (where I work, if you didn't know) had their lunch for the Rochester employees today.  Our office got to go to the corporate building, it was nice.  I rolled up ith some co-workers and it was a good spread.  The food was nice and it was good to get away from my desk...

After work i was off to Brooke's to see Quinn.  We played and it was nice watching TV while she sat next to me.  I just love how when i ring the door bell i hear her yell "Daddy!"  It really makes my day.  Even after the longest of days just hearing her get so excited just makes everything melt away.  It was really cool she stayed up a little later as we played and had story time.  We put her to bed and just hung out a little and talked. 

Afte I left it was off to see some old friends.  One of my best friends Jim and his family were up he road at Daisy Dukes.  A local bar we visit from time to time.  Lots of old friends were there and his family and my parets were there as well.  Its always so good seeing Jim, we grew up from birth together, I just a few years older.  But knowing someone that long and seeig them so litter is hard. 

His brother's Rob and Steve where there as well, Marisa his sister who is Kenny's age was in town too.  Laura who is Rob'girlfirend was there who is just so nice and Fernando-Spelling?.. Was here too, we all get along so well and its good to just catch up iwith everyone. 

We had some food and drinks and then went back to Jims parents house and just hung out.  They are all playing Eucher-Sp but i dont play so i decided to jump on and blog.  Its really nice to be here in a full house with one of my olders friends.  I don't really see him that often so when he comes in town i take as much advantage as i can.  Sorry no pics today.. But Sat i will have some when i come back! 

Well i think thats good for now, it's almost midnight and im gonna be huring tomorrow but "If your going to hoot with th owles you gotta scream with the eagles"! 

Till next time.

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