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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The weekends over already?

Today was nice.  Quinn and i got up and after a quick breakfast we were off to church.  Today was the christmas pageant.  It was nice all the kids dressed up and Quinn loved watching them.  She's getting really good at walking around and exploring and seeing people.

Later that afternoon after nap we went over to my parents house.  She calls my mom oma, and my dad papi.-(spelling?) oh well.  She helped with the christmas tree and then we had dinner.  It was a good day and she is getting very independent.  I am very proud.

Well this week should be busy I have some more shopping to finish and with christmas coming i will have to get more pics!  I forgot my camera when I went over so i am sorry! This week we will get some good ones!

Until next time.

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