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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The 2012 Annual Klondike!

Last year the Klondike was a blast so of course I was excited about this years events!  Every year I look forward to the scouts coming and playing the events.  I've been running the speed ball game since I was young.  Some of the kids that have been going year after year look forward to seeing me and we catch up.  It's honestly one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Catching up with other leaders from around the area and just being outside.

The day went great we had over a 100 kids come through.  At lunch my dad made lunch.  This year Hughey came with me!  He did the frisby golf even right next to me.  It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad he got to come out and enjoy the day with us.  My brother and dad and I did our classic picture we always do. 

I couldn’t stay long because I had to work after but it happens.  I love this event so much because it brings me back to my roots of scouting.  I can remember being in scouts and going through the events and just having so much fun.  When I got to be on staff we moved from one park to another and now we are at Ellison park and have been there for a few years. 

The day was cold but we had snow to which was good for the kids cause they all had their sleds!  The day came to a close and I went off to work. 

It was an over all hit and we just had so much fun. 

Enjoy the pics!

Here are the scouts! And my pops!

The staff

Our desk

Hughey in the office!

The Family

Here we are with Hughey!

Hughey and I

Scouter Paul, Hughey and I

This actually isn't a dog.  The owner advised its a Virginia Red Wolf.  All wolf no dog!  I guess his parents were hit by a truck and the owner has a federal permit to own them.  It was really cool to pet a real wolf.   Looked just like a dog I couldn't believe it.  

When the day was over we had such an amazing time.  The kids were great, and another Klondike down.  

I can't wait till next year when we do it all over again!

Hope all is well.


  1. Great photos. Glad the day went so well. Love you bushels, Aunt Ro

  2. The wolf is awesome! Darwin

  3. Wow that wolf does look just like a dog!

  4. Awesome! Reminds me of my own days as a scout. We used to have the Winter Camporees. It was so cool to wake up with snow outside our cabins.

    Biggest regret I had was not completing my service project for Eagle Scout! Anyway... Those pictures brought back a ton of great times for me.

    Thanks for the great post!