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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

New years eve came and went.  I picked up Quinn Friday and had her till Sunday morning.  We hung out Friday and got some dinner with Hughey.  After we just took it easy that night and watched some TV then off to bed. 

The next day we did some puzzles and games and my Aunt came over to say hello. We had snack then off to bed.  After we got dressed up and we went to dinner with my brother.  Every year since we were in college I’ve taken my brother out for Chinese.  I love taking him to dinner because we get to bond and we’ve been doing it for so long. 

She had her fist taste and loved it!  The resturaunt we was brand new.  The finally moved out of the place there were serving and built their own place.  It was so nice.  They did such an amazing job.  We talked and just got to watch Quinn eat and laugh with us.  After we went and visited my parents they were over a friends house.  We spend some time there and got to say happy new years to them.

We went home and I got Quinn to bed.  Hughey and my brother stopped over and we got a movie.  We only spend like an hour looking for one on TV!  We made some popcorn and settled down for a movie night.  It was funny because my mom called and wished us happy new year.  It was past 12:00 and we didn’t know it haha… 

After the movie we just hung out and watched some funny movies on the computer. They went home and I was off to bed.  The next day Quinn and I had breakfast and spend the first day of the year reading some books and just hanging out on the couch bonding. 

Here we are!  Our New Year's dinner at the new place!

Here i am with my dinner!

We hung out after dinner at the house for a little before we went to see mom and dad.

Okay one cookie before bed!

I asked for one more pic of 2011... What a goof lol...

Happy New year!!! here we come 2012!!!  Ready or not. Were taking you on...

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year.

Always remember you are never alone.


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