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Friday, January 13, 2012


    So today Quinn and I decided to have a new event HFM.  Stands for Hughes, Fish fry, Movie.    So Hughey stopped over with a fish fry and I got a movie. There are more than one Hughes so it can be anyone of them today it was Hughey!  We had dinner and played with Quinn.  She played her keyboard and we danced.  She is so amazing and getting so independent at her age. 

    It’s really amazing to see how she’s growing.  It sucks I don’t see her as much.  I hate it but I just have to deal.  In the car over she told me she wanted to go to the Sandbox!  We have been there before but she was so cute because she knew I brought it up and knew I said we would go it was cute she was cute about it.  I told her we would go in the morning! 

    When I was putting her to bed she was so cute.  I was reading to her and just enjoying some Daddy Daughter time.  When I was rocking her to sleep to music I was holding her and running my fingers through her hair and getting some knots out and one pulled and I said I was sorry.  She told me “don’t be apologize”  It was so cute I was like awe hunny you’re so cute!  She’s getting so big and I can’t believe how much she’s growing.

    This weekend we have a lot to do! I can’t wait to update everyone! 

Enjoy the Pics!

Here we are playing around!

Chilling with Uncle Hughey!

See you soon!


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