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Sunday, March 4, 2012



Sometimes I just feel I'm stuck it the same rotation, work and then I have Quinn, then work, then Quinn...   I was reading on of my friends blogs about being Overwhelmed.    Far to often single parents with jobs and school and housework can just tire you out.  Now just having a child can do this as well single or not!  My heart goes out to all parents!  But with single parents your doing a lot with 1/2 the help usually...

This week I worked my main job and my second job a few nights then the weekend came I worked it and finally got home Sunday and had to get the house in order.. Ugh.. Laundry, little cleaning stuff like that.  I sat down and saw it was past 10! Where did the weekend go!!  Living on my own has been hard, working two jobs isn't a hobby...  With gas going up and things like cable thinking they own the TV business so they can just charge what ever we as the consumer have to just pay or threaten to move too something else.

We work, get home make dinner get some things done like laundry or pick up.  For the single parents that have their kids maybe more than others they have their hands full with dinner and getting the kids ready for bed all in time for you to just fall on the couch.  Now a modern family even all together is very busy so I am giving props to all parents reading this first of all.  For the other parent that my not see their child as much maybe they have a second job like myself. As the weekend comes to a close I know monday comes in only a few hours and I'm not looking forward to it.  I tell my self this year or maybe next will be the last one for my other job but who knows.

Yesterday on my lunch break I put my head down at my other job I work a little when I don't have Quinn.  I passed right out.  I fell asleep and woke up about 15 minutes later.  One of the staff couldn't believe I did.  I told them they didn't know me well everyone else would just say, "Shh, Chris's sleeping" But weather it's sleeping on lunches or a power nap here or there, lot's of single parents are burning out fast.

I did go out Saturday after work to see friends.  I had to it was long over due.  I sucked it up and spend some time out just catching up with some old friends.  I was running on fumes but it was good to see them.  I didn't stay out long but it brought my spirits up.

I woke up this morning and my knee hurt to the point I couldn't even straighten it, ugh...  I talk to the other guys at my other job that also have full time jobs and work there for help.  Its been a difficult past couple years with the economy the way it is.  Gas going up, food cost up, it seems everything is going up except wages.  I don't even really want to follow the election.  It seems why?  Is our president going to fix our economy?  Will the next guy?  Everyone that applies for the job of president has a lot of promises but even more excuses when things don't get done.

I wonder what we are in store for the next few years.  As for now I continue to work both jobs saving the best I can.  So I will press on taking donations of food and other needed items from family :)  and relaxing when I can sometimes even sleeping on lunch breaks but its what I have to do to give my daughter a safe home and food on the table.

As single parents or even parents in a relationship, work on not getting burned out.  Find time to rest, make time for your self.  Reading or some TV, maybe a bath or nap.  For the single parents with kids do your best to squeeze in time.  When your child is in bed or maybe at school.  Think about taking a day off of work or having a family member watch them.  Have your Ex take them.  Then you have a win win!  You get to relax and your child gets to see their dad, or mom what ever the case is.   Either way your Body, Mind and Spirit need to rest.  Your no good to your self, child, job or just the general public if your over tired or just run down.  If you can't take care of your self you can't take care of you child.

Are you burning out and need some pointers or tips on how to relax?  Let me know...
Anyone with ideas please post!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

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