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Monday, March 26, 2012

Happiness... Is it still out there?

    I sit down and wonder if happiness took a vacation or if it's right behind us and sometimes we don't know it.  Happiness is a funny thing, I think of the things that make me happy.  My family, friends the fact I have a nice job and home and am loved and love others.  I try to live not being happy with elements like things and stuff but yes I will admit there are things I do love, and make me happy.   I red one of my favorite blogs tonight about happiness.  A blog from a friend and fellow single dad blogger Dan.  It was called Happiness and the very different groups of people looking for it The post talks about different groups and how and what makes them happy.  A very good post and I will allow you to read it on your own and think about it. I did enjoy the post and just think that yes there are groups of people that look for happiness, how the find it and how they interact with the other ones out there...

    I still think today in this world there is happiness still.  There is a recession, unemployment, war, and things going on around the world we don't see.  And when we go home to our homes with all things that a lot of people don't have do we ask our selves at the end of the night.  "Was I happy today"?  I recently did and found there were some nights I said Yes and some nights I said No.  But I look around my home and things I've worked hard for and realize that my family and friends, and fellow bloggers and things like  that are what truly make me happy.  Some religions say to have nothing is true happiness.  I honestly do feel this is true as well.  Now I just said earlier that yes I do love the things I own but yes if it all was gone and I was left with my family, friends then I would still be happy.

    After a divorce you realize with everything you have to go through that somethings are just well, things...  I know if you are reading this your asking, really Chris?  If you lost it all but your family and friends you would be okay..?  Yes. I would.  I have seen cities that have been demolished by hurricanes, tornadoes, and other disasters.  You see the people picking up their things but you see one thing they are all just happy to be there and have family.  They are just thankful to have their lives...  I though about how I would feel if i came home to nothing.  My things all over, my home in pieces.  I believe I would be in shock, but if my family and friends were okay that's all that matters.

    Before my divorce started I was in an argument with my ex and my buddy took a drive with me and we had a beer and talked.  I told him what we were going through and if it did happen I would lose all that stuff.  The deck we build, the things in the house, things we build or put together.  The vanity and sink I installed with my father and was so proud of.  My friend told me Chris, "Decks can be rebuild".  "Sinks and vanities can be bought and new memories made".   Well the divorce did go months later and with everyone I spoke to and helped me that was one of the things that keep me going.  When we think of happiness do we think about our TV, computer, video games?  Things that make us happy for a short time.  Or do we with about things that have come and never left... All things that came and went that made me happy for a period of time will never compare to and afternoon with my daughter in my arms watching TV just laying with me.  Or camping with friends, growing up with my parents and brother.  Having all my friends over and staying up all night with my parents just playing games drinking and dancing.  Things like doing dinners with my Aunt and late grandma and brother, hearing stories about how we drove them nuts but they still loved it.   Visiting family down south you only see every few years and just remember the touch, smell and all the senses you have lived through the years...

    Take a look at the chart and ask your self are you happy?  See the steps and think what you want to do.  After my divorce I wasn't sure I honestly wanted to be unhappy and stay that way.  Then I realized I did have to change something because others wanted to be happy and I realized that I was done being unhappy.  Figure out what you want to do.  But don't think you need a chart to realize this...

    I do feel every ones happiness is different, and it can and should be.   Family may not be your happiness, maybe it's music or reading a book.  Maybe it's taking a walk or a sport you love.  What ever it maybe enjoy it and if other see it and know it makes you happy they should embrace it and even keep an open mind.   

    When it all comes down to it i think that happiness is still there.  I think it will always push through and yes there are some people out there that are angry for no reason at all.  Some that have had things happen or were done that make them upset.  I think and still believe good will always win, happiness will always shine and that things like love will never die.

So i leave you all with this, never give up on happiness.  You are allowed to be down or sad it is life after all!  Happiness is something that is just easier to be!  After all it only takes 17 muscles to laugh and  43 to frown, so smile!! :)  After all, it is easier!!!

Although I do not know you... I do love you

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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