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Friday, March 30, 2012

Are you paying attention when you drive?

  Well the guy behind me wasn’t!  Thursday I was on my way to work and had the munch in the backseat.  We were just talking about the morning and how we had a fun night. It was a rainy and cloudy and I was thinking about if I was going to be able to drop her off and get back to work on time when BAM!  I got rear-ender by another driver.  I remember just thinking besides I hope were all safe, “well I’m late now for sure.”  I was in the middle lane so we had to pull over to the right.  He was a younger kid and was very nice.  Came over to make sure I was okay and to apologize.  I said I was ok and Quinn said she was fine too.  I told him to call the police so we can get this set.  In the car as we waited Quinn kept saying why aren’t we moving?  I told her what happened and I think she got it.  I called her mom to update her, I wasn’t sure if I was still able to even drive my car so I’d need a car with a car seat and all.  

    The police came and then had to block traffic as we all merged to the right hand side of the express way.  We got our info over to the cop and he got it ready.  Quinn then started going “Go, go!” Ha-ha I was like “I can’t leave”!  The police will get upset.  She goes “your going to jail”.  I go “your going to jail!”  She laughed and made me laugh.  She was good the whole time I had her.  After calling her mom back to let her know we were cool and I can get her to daycare we finished up.  His car was pretty messed up.  The Jeep prevailed I’m very proud of it.  The car had a lot of front end damage and the Jeep suffered a back bumper on the right side and a tail light.  I got it home and my mom got me to the rental place so I got my car.  All the insurances were called and the body shop is ready.  The woman at the insurance company told me if I wanted a job I had one because in about 3 hours everything on my end was done and I was now waiting for the other guy to get a hold of his insurance. 

    I didn’t ask but I just wonder if he was txting.  Bumper to Bumper doesn’t allow you to make mistakes because you really have to be paying attention.  It is interesting after an accident to just see and talk to people that see others txting or not paying attention.  Over the years as our technology grows our lack of looking out for our surroundings has fallen.  I’m scared to think what we will be doing in the future.  In New York you can get a ticket for that now, just like talking on your phone without a head set.  There have been serious accidents and deaths over the past few years involving not paying attention.  Now I don’t know if he just happened to switch lanes or what but its over and nobody was hurt.  A little neck pain for me but nothing bad, well yet… 

    I would just like put out there again how dangerous it is.  I am guilty as well but I try to txt at lights.  Not that that’s better.  I usually don’t txt and wait till I get home because I know I’m the kind of person that can’t do it!  I did learn after an accident you really have to make sure the child’s seat is okay.  I was told by the police and my insurance.  The officer had to look at it.  I guess if they feel it is moved or damaged at all it has to be replaced right away.  This would make sense.  Quinn and the car seat are fine.  The car will get some surgery on its butt and will survive.  So now I have Nissan and will have to wait till the Jeep gets all cleaned up.  So I urge you reading this to again please pay attention to the road.  

    I always tell Quinn if we are driving to wait if she needs something.  Her toys or animals can wait because Daddy has to drive and it’s important.  There will always be distractions in our world, between our phones, other drivers, working fixing things, another crash, signs billboards even our GPS systems.   We as drivers just have to adapt and remember everything can wait till you park…

Be safe!

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