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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy Spring Forward!

Time to move the clocks ahead and say goodbye to winter! (we hope)

So this past weekend we sprung forward an hour.  Now if it were up to me i would move the hour up on Monday at 4:00pm EST so I can move my clock to 5:00 and go home for the day! :)  But that's just me...  Friday we hung in with Hughey and had some dinner and a movie...  Laying on the couch with Quinn is something I love so much.  I know as a parent one day she's going to outgrow her dad so I have to take each moment and treasure it for as she grows I know her parents will take a back seat to friends... :(

Saturday we got up and went to the Sandbox!  She was so excited to get there.  We spent the afternoon running around and just being kids!  I love going to the sandbox and just not only watching her run around but also play with small toys.  She is getting to the age where she plays with toys by her self and uses her imagination.  As I sat in the beanbag and sat back I saw here playing with some toys and a small doll house.  I could tell her imagination was in full swing and she was just learning, growing and having fun.  There were a set of twin boys fighting around her over a toy.  I saw them struggle for it and as the one got it the other showed his anger...  I wanted to see how they would act around Quinn.  They didn't really get in her way probably because she was bigger then they were so they didn't want to even try.  Plus the both saw me sitting there too.

Saturday we settled in after dinner I don't want to over tire her just because it is getting nicer out.  Sunday we got up and had breakfast with my parents.  They came over and we all went out.  After we went to the park!  It was good to see Quinn enjoy her grandparents.  We ran around, went down the slide and enjoyed a good swinging.  Later we made a fort with her toys and some blankets!  She loves making forts!

I did get some work done this weekend.  I cleaned the gum wood trip all around my downstairs windows and trim.  I used Murphy Oil Soap, does a great job and it really protects the wood.  Not sure exactly why I felt I needed to blog that but I love it.  I guess it's one of the products I endorse.  It does such a good job and the house looks so beautiful...

Other than that the weekend was great, anytime I have my daughter is a great weekend...   I think this weekend was amazing just to again see how big she is getting and how her imagination is taking off.  Watching her play by her self as i watch in the distance.  I remember how I used to play by my self with my toys and know that as a parent I know she loves when I'm there but sometimes just playing alone is just as important...

Back to the Sandbox!!!

Just watching her play and letting her imagine go...

I made sure I got my work out on!

I played with some trains!

There is always time to lay with Daddy.

There's my dad!

Oma and Popi came to play.

Running around and keeping them busy!

So remember parents playing with your children is very important but letting them play alone and use their imagination is also helpful, you're not bad parents for not having to be next to them every second of the day.  Enjoy them growing and using their imagination, and watch them grow!

Enjoy the pics and always remember...
You are never alone...

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