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Thursday, March 29, 2012

What would you do with over $500 Million Dollars?

    So the NY State Lottery is now over $500 Million Dollars or a half a billion I’m not sure what sounds cooler.  Now there are about 7 States involved with this Lotto so there are a lot of people playing.  Every once and a while the lottery will get big and the buzz fills the office.  The buzz around the office about how they would spend the money and how they wouldn’t be in the next day.  I think it’s pretty amusing and I tend to sometimes wonder what I’d do with my share… 

    Well today nobody won and everyone continued on playing.  I think it’s a fun thing that brings people together.  It is a pipe dream, winning millions of dollars but it does happen.  I personally give enough to the state in taxes so I decline.  I laugh when they say well if the team wins you will be the only one here at work!  I also joke and say I can’t win, and then I have to give a bunch to my Ex!  I obviously would it’s the right thing to do, well and I would be legally be obligated to lol… But it’s a fun joke I get to use.  I am divorced with a child there are fun jokes you get out of it.  I do wonder how nice it would be.  I would make sure my family and friends were set and helped out of course.  Give a lot to my church and some other charities.  Actually I’d probably help out so many people I’d have nothing left!  To imagine that kind of money is fun, lets your mind wonder and think about nice cars and fancy houses.  But remember my post about happiness.  Remember money can make you happy but not for ever.  It is just a short term fix; well that’s how I feel.

    My Dad told me his father, my late grandfather I never met told him the only real money is the money you sweat and bleed for.  I always lived by this, working since I was 15, washing dishes, waiting tables, cooking and moving up to better and better jobs.  I have always appreciated gifts of money at holidays and events.  I guess I never though about a large amount.  An amount that would make me never have to work again.  I think I would still work.  Depending on the amount you can burn that pretty fast and find you’re broke.  There are many stories of lottery curses and people that invest poorly and end up broke.  “With great power, comes great responsibility”.  I think for now I will save my $1 and tell the state thanks, but no thanks. 

    I have always heard the saying money goes to money.  Have you ever noticed the people that already have money end up the ones winning or just getting deals.  Now granted there are the lottery winners that are not rich but it always seems that money likes to be around it’s self.  When I was in college I was working at a country club.  I loved this job and one day a golfer came in told his buddies he went and got a $10 scratcher at the store and won $10,000.  He cashed it in had a bank take out the correct federal and state amounts. (I never knew you could even do that).  And got about $8,000 left when it was all taxed.  He was buying drinks for his buddies.  I was like really?  He was a doctor to, just in case you were wondering.  Now I know they do job that is very hard, well he’s a Gyno but they all get good pay.  He was also older so it’s not exactly like he had student loans.  I just laughed and said of course he would win… 

    I guess if I did ever win some form of money I would rather win something minor.  I can split it with family and just pay off some bills and maybe throw a small party.  Something that wouldn’t draw attention to everyone and I can just continue through my day.  Maybe fix up my house a little put some away for Quinn even take a long weekend and go somewhere and relax.  When I think about all the money I end up thinking it would be nice, but with the family, friends and community I have, I'll be okay.

    When it comes to a big payout you become the center of attention and I don’t need or want that.  How ever I would like to spend some to fix up my blog!  Maybe get my own website.  Well the possibilities are endless I guess when it comes to that. But like that always say…  “New York Lotto, hey you never know.”

Until next time,
May good fortune rain down on you.

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