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Monday, June 18, 2012

Back in the Pool!

     This past weekend with Quinn was amazing!  Im leaving out Fathers Day because I want to post about that later this week.  I don't have all the pictures as well.  I know I am also due to tell you about the last weekend trip with Quinn as well so I have to do that as well but summer time I usually show down on my blog post.

     Friday Hughey and I went to Nutcracker with Quinn to have our fish fry!  We had a great time and dinner was perfect.  She has so much fun when we all go out.  Hughey and I get to catch up and also play and talk to Quinn.  That night Hughey had another place to be so Quinn and I went home to relax and chill.  We watched some TV and then she was upstairs to bed.  Later that night she came down because she couldn't sleep.  She was so cute I love just spending time relaxing with her.

     Come saturday we got up and had breakfast.  Then just relaxed a little and took our nap.  Later that day we went to Hughey's for some swimming.  Beckey, Hughey's sister in-law was over with Joel and Kyle.  She is Tim's wife.  Tim and Becky have been good friends of mine for a long time.  Her kids are about Quinns age and the all got along so well.  Quinn loved it and she did so well!  We swam around and Quinn jumped in my arms off the side!  She loved the pool and this summer she will be taking lessons.  I can't wait because I will probably take her to the pool more often this sumer!  We took a snack break and got back in the pool again.  I just laid in a pool chair and she just chilled on my lap as we floated around as she just enjoyed the water and chilling with daddy.

     After we had dinner!  Hughey cooked cheeseburgers, I brought so sides and dessert.  Becky brought some great sides and salads!  After we had some ice cream and then let the kids play!  We cleaned up and then went home.  Hughey stopped over and we watched some TV.

     The weekend was great and I can't wait to just talk about Fathers day!  I hope everyone reading this had a great fathers day!  I will be putting the post together the next few days and have to get some pics over to me still.  The weekend over all was great and i am ready to start the new week.

As I said earlier my post my not be as frequent only because it is summer so I will be relaxing more and spending more time outside!  
I hope you enjoy the pics!

You are never alone...

Friday night, she was out cold!

The pool!

Here we are!  Daddy needs a tan.

Kyle jumping in!

Joel getting ready to jump in.

Here she is, I think?

Just chilling...

Becky and Kyle

Becky and the kids!

Dinner Time!

Just being kids...

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