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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip: Letting your little one be more independent…

            As your little one grows they will want to do things them selves and start to let you know this!  I am still learning but am trying to find a good balance of helping Quinn out and letting her do things she can do.  I guess we never really learn we always need help.  My parents still help me out when they know I need it, even when I think I don’t!  As she grows I notice how she can do things with out me even asking.  Like now all I have to do is open the door and she can climb in, or when we get home she takes her shoes off and goes in the family room by her self.  There are lots I still have to do yes but I am so impressed as she gets bigger
            I guess where we end up is where to step in.  Well besides when we have to for safety I guess we just as parents have to play it by ear.  I also did a lot of my learning by just hearing her say “I can do it daddy!”  I know then she means business.  But she will always ask for help when she needs it which she should, you should always ask for help when you need it.  As we play or draw or color I step back more and more and watch her.  I notice the things I used to do like help her color she can do on her own now.  She also likes to have alone time when she plays.  I remember this when I was growing up.  Sometimes when we play I step back and clean or get dinner ready, giving her space to play on her own and learn.  When we go anywhere, like I said I just have to open her car door and then when she is set I can just strap her in. 

            I think the first time I was surprised was one day I came down stairs and saw Quinn had both her shoes on and was all ready to go.  I usually put them on her and she did it all by her self.  I couldn’t believe how cute she was and I was so impressed!  As the time moved on I noticed her doing more and more like getting up and off her chair at the table, using her fork and spoons and not just picking up food.  Her memory has increased so much as well.  If we loose something she starts looking in places she thinks they maybe.  We lost buddy this past weekend and she found it in her room!  I really though for sure it was some place else.  Being someone with a bad short term memory I was so excited she found it!  She goes up and down the stairs with out any issues or problems. 

            Independence is a very big part of life and we all want to feel we don’t need help.  We all want to feel we can go though life and do everything everyone can.  We learn as we go that is not the full case!  Quinn is going to be 4 this year and being 3 she has grown independently, more than I could imagine.  Being a single dad I know I don’t get to see her as much and that still to this day is one of the hardest aspects of where I am but again I just have to adapt.  Some pointers would be to just talk to them.  Ask them if they need help, or call out “you doing ok?”  They will let you know, if they are having difficulty they will also reach out.  Sometimes you will have to take the lead and step in as well.  

            So no matter your Childs age see how their independence grows.  I’m sure for anyone with teenagers you will know…  I can’ imagine what is in store for me then!  I guess that’s why I just spend as much time with her now as possible I know when we grow up we steer towards our friends.  Seeing our family when we can, but that my readers is another blog for another day…  Play and observe your child, as they grow up and become for self aware and independent help them grow.  Help them do more things and teach them how to do things on their own and show them.  Kids are remarkable and amazing you will be surprised how fast they can learn and remember.

            So remember they are growing up and yes one day they won’t be your little one forever.  Let them grow and learn how to be independent they will enjoy this.  Also remember you’re their parent and you can always help them out. J     

Always Remember,
You are never alone…



  1. Wait till she asks for the keys to the car????

    Love you bushels, Aunt Ro