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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesdays Tip: Avoiding unhealthy snacks

          Quinn has been thinking she is a funny girl lately by telling me at every meal she wants cookies and chips.  I would get upset because I don’t want to mess around all day.  I just learned to explain that chips or cookies are treats and we can have them every once in a while.  Usually I will give her one cookie or a few chips at lunch.  When she eats her chips she ask for more and I have to explain she has to eat them slowly or wait till after she eats her sandwich.  I try not to even have chips in the house but they make a good snack if friends come over.  It is always polite to have something to put out.  Plus it’s hard to get food that won’t last because of my busy schedule. 

            As far as pushing healthy foods that will come.  As I got older I realized that eating healthy is something you have to do to avoid being overweight.  Also with all the health risk inside your body you don’t even see.  I’m not about to post about I feel America is overweight but I also don’t feel this.  This country is, it’s a fact!  But I’ll save that for another day.  Being a child who has to go to two parents homes I’m sure she is getting used to knowing what parent will give her what and allow what rules to be bent.  Being the single dad who really doesn’t see her I feel bad when our time comes so yes sometimes we snake more or more treats are given.  This has to be looked over closely because I can not become the fun home or the place where she can get away with anything.  For now I have some tips for you parents to try to use when your children are asking for snacks that they don’t need right at the moment…

1)    Tell them they are asking at a bad time.  For example if they want cookies for breakfast you tell them that it’s to early for sweets.
2)    Give them choices of healthy alternatives.  Fruit, crackers, or different things like that.  If you give them an option they will have to use one you offer. 
3)    Explain what a snack and treat are and that they can ask but they have to understand they are for special times.  Also explain that when they eat them and they are gone, they get no more…
4)    Try not to have much junk food in the house, then you have none to offer.
5)    Eat healthy as well.  If they see you eating fruit or veggie sticks they will want to try it because kids want to mirror us.
6)    Try to be proactive and let them know you are not going to cave if they get ups or ask a lot.  If they get very upset, give them a time out.  Remember one of the biggest obstacles in parenting is kids are going to try to get their way.  They have to realize they can’t, it will make them better adults if they understand and realize everything can’t go their way…

I hope some of these tips work if you have any new ones or others please let me know!  As Quinn comes over she knows I do have some treats I keep in my kitchen but she also understands they are for snack and special times.  Being a single dad who sees her only a few times a month yes I do usually have a snack or two when she is with me but as a parent I also have to instill rules and boundries.  Making my job that much more difficult…
Always Remember,
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  1. Running around the block is good excercise also. Keep moving it is key.

    Love you bushels, Aunt Ro

  2. Boy do I relate to this post! I have two kids who love sweets and junk food...of course they're young teenagers and I understand that this is a "cool" thing at this age. I still worry about it, and try to teach them balance...but I am not always a good example myself because I can't even keep sweets in the house without them calling my name all the time! In this area, I am a work in progress : ) I do buy and cook lots of healthy foods...which costs so much money these days...ouch. I think it's great that you are helping Quinn develop such good habits now. One thing I have found is that once our kids get into school, they are exposed to attitudes and food habits of other kids and it definitely has an impact :( By the way, we are saving the "dad" topics for around Father's Day on the radio...didn't want you to think we forgot about it...just thought it was a great topic for then : ) Have a great day, I continue to enjoy your blog.

  3. Thanks for the comment Kendra. I know i have some work to do when she goes to school but we just have to have faith. If we cook healthy and show them staying in shape is a good thing they will love to do it.

    I can't wait to hear how the radio show goes!! Thanks for keeping me updated!