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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday’s Tip: Listen to your kids

            This tip I’m sure I will post later and later as Quinn grows up but for now she is only 3 ½ and I would say starting to listen to them when they are young is a good idea.  When I say listen I really mean when they are talking to you don’t just think you know what is best and ignore what they are saying.  When Quinn is feeling hungry or thirsty she tells me.  Sometimes after we eat I take what she says and have to debate if she really is hungry or if I think she may get sick but I always listen and take in what she is telling me.  The other night we lost power at my house and I went upstairs and got Quinn.  The fans were off so I took her down stairs and we sat on my front porch and cooled down.  She told me she was hot and didn’t like to be sweaty.  I took what she said and let her relax with me and cool down. 

            The issue sometimes is parents just think they know what is best and do what they think is best.  Sometimes yes parents know best but if a child feels sick or is hungry or not well they will tell us.  If we ignore this then if something were to happen we would feel horrible for they have tried to tell us.  We can’t always think we know what our kids need even if they are younger.  We have to listen to the warning signs and not just think we know best.  If your little ones are tired they tell us and we have to hear and take this seriously.  Sometimes at night Quinn tells me her tummy hurts and after a drink of water she is better.  Finding out if they are really sick or not just takes time and you have to just asses the situation. 

            Listening to our children especially starting at a young age is good because they then feel we are taking them seriously, which we should.  When our kids know we are listening to us they feel they can come to us.  If we don’t show we listen they will stop telling us and trusting us.  We have to give them respect even at a small age they wouldn’t tell us something if they didn’t mean it.  Well maybe depending the situation but we as parents use our judgment.  Were not going to keep giving them treats just because they say they are hungry… After Quinn tells me something I take in what she wants or is requesting and then I act on it.  I figure out if it is something to look into or if I have to maybe explain that what she is asking is heard but that I have to advise against it.  I love the fact that she tells me things, how are we supposed to understand what they want or feel if they don’t talk to us.

As our kids get older we will figure out a good give and take role and they will come to us with questions and problems.  They should, you never want your child growing up and afraid to come to you.  If they are in trouble you don’t want them to get hurt or be afraid to come to you.  You want them to feel comfortable talking to you and expressing what they need to say.  So starting to listen to them now will only help this.

Either way as your child grows up don’t be afraid to hear what they have to say and listen to them.  They are probably telling you something easy like they are hungry or tired or want to go outside and play.  Communication I feel is still one of our biggiest area’s of improvement between our entire species.  The way we talk as a people and how we just listen or not.  Couples, parents, friends co-workers.  We really have to work on our communication as a whole.  I think if we start now when our kids are little it will show them when they get older to communication and listen to others and then their kids one day as well.  Just remember you don’t have to do everything they say!  Then they will get spoiled and we don’t need that.  The ages of being 2-7 they are going to push to see what they can get away with.  Well they will always do this!  Not until they are older will they know how to work us!!!  But life is about learning and our kids are just learning how to work us, its just life… 

So listen to your kids and hear what they have to say.  Take in what they say and figure out if it is something you can agree with or if you have to veto their request…

Life’s about checks and balances…

Always Remember,
You are never alone…


PS Sorry this was posted Late!  

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