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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursdays Tip:Free Fun Clinic’s!

            Sometimes it’s easy to find fun free clinic’s to bring your child to do great activities for free.  I work part time at Lowe’s and we do a couple a month.  They are free and the kids love them.  They get little glasses and an apron and hammer to use and make all sorts of different things.  I usually take one when I can and have saved them up to start with Quinn soon for rainy days.  She is about that age and can start doing little projects with me. 

            Free things like this are a great way to get you and your child to bond!  It is cute being at work and hearing all the little hammering as the parents help put together the project.  Most places that do this don’t demand much time and are great to just get you in the store to see other ideas as well!  I think its great that Lowe’s and other companies around the country do this for free.  I know it also brings in business but it is cool of them to offer this.  Finding these free clinics isn’t hard you can search for free things to do on line, or next time you are in a store like Lowe’s or a craft store ask them if they do something like this.  It will give your child and you something to get out of the house and away from the TV. 

            Once you start building you can collect your projects and your child will be excited to see all the ones you did together.  When Quinn walks upstairs she see’s all the coloring and drawings we do and she loves pointing them out saying she drew that or colored that.  Doing projects with your child isn’t just about bonding its about them being excited about the completing of something.  Finishing something they started and accomplished is a great way to build self esteem and motivate them to be proactive when they get older.  Growing up my parents took me places and made sure my brother and I were both very active. 

            In this economic state we are being careful how to spend our money and it can be difficult.  Sometimes Quinn and I even stay in or take walks to save on gas.  Places that provide free fun things to do get people out and not afraid of stores for fear of asking that dreadful question… “How much does this cost?”  Stores provide free services to get people in their stores but also it gives good PR. 

            If you can’t find anything free for some reason you can always go to public parks or other places that have free fun things to do like play and just enjoy having time with your child.  I find if Quinn and I spend a few hours a day just making sure she is playing then I find she always sleeps much better and isn’t just running around the house cause she is bored. 

            Take sometime to search for free clinic’s and different activities around your town or city and always remember a walk or park visit will always make them smile!  For you single parents if there is something that is going on when it's not your weekend you can always go in and just ask for a free project and then do it on another weekend!  That's what I am doing with Quinn.

Always Remember,
You are never alone…


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  1. Hey Chris,
    My kids loved those free workshops at Lowe's when they were little. They looked forward to it every week. Great ideas about getting out, and looking for something free or inexpensive...I think money is tight for a lot of us parents these day : ) Happy Father's Day! Hope you and Quinn have a very special day tomorrow.