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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesdays Tip: Working on Clean up

Over the past weekend Quinn pulled out all her toys!  Now I haven’t blogged about the past weekend yet but I will.  We were getting ready to go out and get some things done and I asked her to clean up her toys.  Now in the past I usually clean them up and get the area in order but I am trying to instill that she has to start cleaning up or she will think I will for her all the time.  I told here I was going up stairs to get ready and I wanted her to pick up her toys.  She asked why, and I told her because when we are done playing we clean up.  So I went upstairs and got ready for the day and when I came down there room, well looked better. 

The table was cleared off and the toys were in a pile.  It looked ok, better but still needed some work.  I fixed it up a little and explained what needs to be done next time.  I was happy however that she did some work and made an effort.  I was nervous for a while that nothing was going to get done.  I know she is still growing but she does understand rules and when I ask something she knows she needs to do it.  The early years are about testing the waters and yes time outs.  Kids will be in them because they need to know we mean business!  As far as cleaning up I told her if she doesn’t then I will hide one toy every time, making clean up very easy if she doesn’t start.  She is 4 now and it is a very touch age on parents, the child again is testing their boundaries and maybe a little pushy.  Others may think it’s cute or to just let it slide but you can not.  Parents have to instill boundaries and rules.  Yes, we are the bad guys.  Sorry just how it goes, I always tell people “Every story needs a villain”.  I use that when I have to be the “bad guy” even though it is for the good of the child.  

So how did all this come about from toys?  Well again kids are going to play and then feel they can just leave things.  Make sure they start to clean up.  It will instill good habits for the long run as well as let them know they have to listen to their parents and they can’t just have fun and not have responsibility after wards.  Keep your cool parents, tell them we need to clean up because it is very important.  Help them at first and then slowly step back over time.  Of course you will always have to help a little.  Also let them know if they don’t there are punishments.  Of course follow through as well to, if they fight you a good time out will always do the trick.  Put them in their room or even cancel the event you are going to.  I know it seems bad but one of the hardest aspects of parenting is following through with your words.  If you have to leave an event early or not possible go it can be sad and very hard but your kids need to know you do not bluff!  They need to know if Mommy or Daddy says we are not going, we really aren’t going.  Once they realize you’re not messing around they will start to listen and not push you over. 

Always also remember to go slow and help them with things like clean up.  Do not just jump to telling them to pick up.  Help them and show them were everything goes.  Then when you are done tell them now nice it looks and how easy it was!  Encourage them in a fun way how being responsible is fun and a good thing!  It will make it easier in the long run and before you know it as they get older things like cleaning their room, emptying the dishwasher and picking up after them selves will come easy.  Also remember this phrase.  “Because I said so” my dad used that one on me a lot. Haha I can still hear it in my head.  Kids are going to ask, “Why?”  They love it, it is their favorite word!!!  If you tired to explain something and it isn’t working, you can always just veto everything and say that.  You are the boss and you don’t need a reason.  I tell it to Quinn because sometimes they just need to know they need to listen to us.  Always keep your cool and keep control don’t let them see what gets you upset.  They will grow and learn and with proper help become great parents like us…

Try some tips and tricks and let me know!
PS I do have a cute pic of the pile she made I just haven't uploaded it yet.  I will in my weekend update!

Always remember,
You are never alone…


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