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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Quinn's Birthday!

     Hello everyone!  Sorry I have not posted about our adventures, the past few days I have been fighting off a cold!  Well a few weeks ago Quinn thured 4!  The following weekend we celebrated her birthday!  Friday night Hughey came over for our Friday Fish fry, and movie night! The next day we just relaxed because we had a party to get ready for!  My parents, brother and Aunt came over and we had cake and opened gifts!

     Quinn got some great gifts and after we just took the night to lay low and watch some halloween movies.  It was quiet but nice.  With the weather being so up and down the month has been very hard to plan for.  Later that night she hung out with me as we watched some movies, just daddy and daughter.  Sunday we got to sleep in a little and just relax.  Quinn and I painted some pumpkins and play with some toys but mainly stayed in from the colder rainy weather.   We had a bath and some lunch but the weekend was colder and rainy so we took the day to just stay in and put our feet up.

     I can't believe how big she is getting, her communication and motor skills are improving sometimes she does things with out me having to ask her.  As we go out and do things I can just tell her where we are going and why and she understands.  She looks forward to Friday's so much and loves Hughey!  He's so good with her we have our little dinner tradition going and when I pick her up she just is so excited!

    Well all in all it was a great birthday and mine was just a few days after hers.  Being a single dad I now take a back seat to her's but enjoy it.  I have had my fun growing up and now all that matters is her.  

Hughey, Fish fry, Movie night!

Quinn's Birthday Party!

Here we all are!

My parents got her the cute cake.

 Chilling with dad and uncle kenny

Happy Birthday!


More fun gifts!

Sunday we painted pumpkins!

And had more cake of course!

Enjoy the pics!  I look forward to sharing more adventures!

Always remember,
You are never alone...

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