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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Boys of Fall

     This past weekend was our annual trip to the camp!  This year was extra special, it was Jason's (aka Spaz)  bachelor party.   We have been going up to the camp for many years now and over time we have added more and more people, brothers you should call them.  These was 6 of us this trip.  Jason, Hughey, Kevman, Tim, Sean and my self.  We drove up Friday night and had dinner down at the local restaurant.  It was nice to have all 6 of us together and just exchanging stories and having some much needed chow.  

    It was nice to finally sit down and just see your fiends, bust each others chops and just laugh.  We went back and unpacked.  It was cool because we put together a gift for Jason.  We got him a bottle of Johnny Walked Blue Label.  If you don't know that is a very nice bottle of Whisky.  A special thanks to Hughey for helping with this more than one way...  Jason was so shocked but it was just so cool to see how excited he was.  We had some drinks and initiated Jason into the camp, which he was waiting for since last year he came up.  After we got settled in we got a good card game going and just had some drinks and relaxed.  It was good to have our cell phones off, the quiet of the hills and no talk of work or what we have to do the next few days.  We didn't have any responsibility, any worries, nothing.  The fridge was full of food the drinks were cold the company was perfect.  We worked all year for this weekend and here it was.  The boys of fall were back...

    We cooked up some pizza's and finished our poker game that night.  Early the next day i got up to take some pictures of the camp and the area.  The fog comes in and just makes it a sight you would have to see for your self.  I made everyone breakfast and we started they day.  We had egg, ham, turkey and cheese wraps.  Some sausage on the side, the guys loved it.   We headed out side to start our afternoon of shooting and just being the boys.  Tim, Sean, and Kevman brought their guns and we had some clay pigeons to shoot this year.  We had such a great time shooting shotguns, and some different pistols.  The weather was so nice, the sun was out and it was a great temperature.  Kevman had to leave early because he had to get home to finish up some projects that were going on at the house.  It was really cool he took some time to come up with us.

     After we cleaned up we had some lunch and just played some card games.  We also took some time to just relax and enjoy the day.  I put the fire together and got the evening ready for us.  We started the fire and sat around it just enjoying our drinks and talking.  As the night drew later I made our usual trash plates and then we hung out some more by the fire just listening to music and relaxing.  The next morning we got our stuff all together and cleaned up and left in the early afternoon.  Sunday we don't to  much just because we have to drive home and relax then.  After I got home I just relaxed did some things around the house and took it easy.  You are drained after a weekend like that but it is always so worth it.

     I hope you enjoy the pics!!!

Here is Jason, the man of the weekend!!  I took a pick of the Johnny Walker but not sure why it didn't take.  Here it is all wrapped up at least!

Little card game action.

You know, just chilling

Jason's induction along with the Alliance founders, Kevman, Hughey my self & our secretary Sean!  You would think its alchol in those glasses, its act not. What is it you ask?  Ask me and I'll tell you.  

The morning was beautiful...  I haven't seen that much fog in a long time.

Me just taking some scenic pics.


Everyone just hanging out before chow.

Breakfast is on!

Time to setup!

Here we go!!!

Sean shooting his shotgun with Tim throwing, I have to say what a perfect action shot!

Kevman and Jason throwing for Tim.

Kevman getting some targets taken out!

Tim shooting some targets.  Out come the pistols!

Kevman did great he hit the targets almost every time.

I could have been in Good Fellas, I'd make a good Wise guy.


Not sure what was really going on here... 

A perfect action shot!

Sean was up

Jason took some targets out...

Just chilling, shotgun style...

Even I took some targets out... 

Just getting rid of the last targets.

Here we all are!
The boy's of Fall.

This is why Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.  It was just so beautiful.

Hughey and I

Hughey, Sean and I 

Just trying to show the young bachelor I can still roll...

Jason and I

Here we are again just playing some more cards.

We started a little fire...

Okay maybe it was a big fire...

So were a close group!

Relaxing before dinner.

The morning we left.  It was a beautiful weekend...

     The weekend was just awesome, the weather held off for us and it was good to celebrate this event for Jason.  He gets married next weekend in Aruba!  We are all so excited for him and what a great weekend to just go and let go for a weekend.  He told me this weekend I really love that camp.  I told him back, I do.  It is where i go and take friends to get away, there isn't much cell phone reception, the town is small and quiet.  Everyone waves and just gets along.  When you wake up and walk outside and see this.  Dew and fog covering trees of all different colors.  So quiet you could hear a pin drop.   I love to get up here a least a few times a year but always during the fall to see the colors and get that fresh crisp air.  The camp give me new energy and also lets me just unwind and relax.  Get away from the busyness of life and work.  Lets you see what I call, God's country...  All those guys are very special to me and are a great group.  I love my boys of fall trip  It just gets me ready for a long winter and lets us unwind. 

     I hope everyone has a place or spot they can go to and relax, think and clear their head.  I feel this is so important, even spiritual on a level of just re-energizing and getting in touch with your self.

I hope everyone has a great week and start to October!

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