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Sunday, October 14, 2012

An End of an Era

    Today was an end to an era...  It was my final day at Lowe's.  I have been working there for over four years and it all came down to one day.  I started when I was married as a Dept. Manager and worked there throughout my divorce.  I then realized I would need to have weekends off for Quinn and thats when I went to Paychex.  I have been there over two and a half years and worked at Lowe's part time.  It was hard, and I was tired but I loved the people.  The managers worked with me and even put me on leave for a few months so I could get my life in order.  When I came back they all welcomed me and worked with me to get my schedule set so I could see my Daughter.  My final year I was in the Paint department and made some new friends and grew closer to some other ones.  It was a lot of fun, but I have to say I came home very tired and my family and friends saw it and felt my pain.  They hated how much I had to work and how late I got out.  They also helped me and gave me words of encouragement.

    Paychex decided to move our building to an area where I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to work then home with out filling up on gas ever other day.  It was sad, and honestly it just down right sucks.  I liked my building and everything.  I know sometimes change is good, but I'm not ready for it!  Not yet at least!  Plus I still needed the income!  As the time drew closer I tired to get jobs that kept me in the building or anything to keep my part time job.  I finally asked to be put on leave but my store manager denied it.  There was no reason he just didn't want to help me out.  Sad and everyone was pissed.  (nobody there likes him anyway so).  I fond this out just days ago so I went into work this weekend and worked all weekend.  I was tired and worked long and early hours like usual but I got to see all my friends and just shoot the shit like the good old days.  Saturday was my birthday and everyone was so nice there and the day was great!  I will post about that later.  After work today some people took me out for dinner and we just talked and joked around.  I left my old department and my upper manager a thank you letter to just tell them it was so fun working there and for just being amazing people.

     As I drove home I got sad, yes I am tired and my knee's hurt but I really will miss that place.  Just something about leaving hurts.  Four years is a long time and even though the days are long and hard you still go in, sometimes its honestly because of the company.  I guess I'll have more free time now to work out or work on the house and stuff.  Maybe I can take up some new hobby lol.  As I sit here and look back at my time there my heart hurts a little.  Life goes on, even thought this was just a job I will miss it.  People get attached to things even if its just work.  We love to go in and see the people we work with and talk about our kids and now I have to press on.  I will go in from time to time but honestly I will really miss that place.   My family would come to see me or my Aunt would come in and bring dinner and walk around and talk with me.  My office at Paychex used to be right up the road from her home and now it is very far.

     Change, I will someday have to post about it, how it effects us and how we deal with it.  I just wanted to end by saying it was a great four years and the next few weeks will be hard.  I will come home to a quiet home and have to actually pass the time.  I will have to get up extra early to drive the further rout to my new office.  I will miss all my friends I grew to love.  Change...  Funny thing it is...  It can make us feel good, and sad, sometimes all at once too.  So as I go to sleep now and post this I will get up and keep pressing on because in life we just have to.  

~Goodbye Lowe's, somedays you were good to me, and somedays you were hard on me but in the end I will miss you...

Always remember,
You are never alone


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  1. This is not an end but a new beginning. Sport you have made it through a great deal of new beginnings and this one will be a success also.
    Love you bushels, Aunt Ro