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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Did You Survive the Heat?

     The past few days have hit over 90.  This year we have hit 90 over 3 times and its just July!  So how did you do, and what does this mean...  Well we had the Air Conditioner units in the windows for Quinn and our downstairs room but it was just a hot few days.  The past two nights I think i fell asleep because I was just tired.  Thankfully here our heat waves come and go.  The air cooled down and things are going to be nice for the 4th of July weekend!

     I heard a few different things this summer.  I heard we are going to have a bad and hot summer because of the Winter we had.  I hope not, we had a few bad weeks last year and thankfully this year we are more ready but we will have to update our room.  Quinns room can have a window unit in it but ours can't so we will have to update and adjust the windows because they are crank out style not slide up and down.  I know, it sucks...  

     Well if you don't have an air unit use fans and sleep in light clothing.  Also keep the windows open or even sleep downstairs if it gets to hot.  Also take cooler showers and take them before bed to cool down.  Also remember unless you live in hot areas of the country places usually cool down.  You might get a heat wave but remember usually it cools down after a few days.  When inside drink lots of cold water and keep cool that way as well.  Tonight we had a good night, with the cool air now moving in Quinn and I hung out and had dinner.  We waited up for Kay to come home and then we headed to bed.  I took a nice cool shower and now just doing some blogging.  I hope everyone made it through this little North East heat wave!  Remember parents keep your little ones cool, they heat up faster than adults...

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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