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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Have them learning with games...

     Last Wednesday I told you we played some games before bed.  We took out Operation Despicable Me version!  The game was so much fun and you got to pull objects out of a Minion.  We had so much fun and Quinn did get one of the pieces.  She was sad she didn't win but I told her she did great!  This game is great because it helps with your fine motor skills.  Pulling objects out slowly and not hitting the sides of the game takes time and patients.  Even Kay and I messed up a few times.  I hope to play this more with Quinn to help her in the long run like with writing and other activities with her hands.

     Many games that seem like fun often involve counting or drawing, using your brain and learning.  I love how when we do play she is not just staring at a screen or not being involved.  Even simple games with dice make her count or use pictures to match.  She also has an electronic game that has many options like spelling, counting, drawing and paining.  When kids learn and are having fun it's a win win! 

     My tip to you is to turn off the TV and spend some time playing different games you have around the house!  The child will have fun, learn about sportsmanship and learn at the same time!  You also get family time in and not get stuck sitting around a TV not talking or laughing.  Make it so every night or time you have your child you set away time to sit down and make sure they bond with you and not the TV.  Play a bard game, color, keep them active.  When the summer time comes make sure you get fresh air, but also keep up with you school work in a fun way!  Do activities that are fun and have them write out their name or continue to learn their letters and numbers. 

    Also when it comes to playing games your child should know winning and loosing.  Don't crush them at the game and make them feel bad but don't always let them win.  Play fair and teach them that loosing is part of life and they have to learn how to cope and deal with a loss.  Most of all have fun and enjoy the time with them!  You might be surprised you may learn something too!

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