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Monday, July 7, 2014

The Challenge is over...

     Last month we did the 30 day abs challenge and it was awesome.  With a few rest every fifth day and the exercisers getting harder we did stick with it!  As the month went on we kept up the hard work and things got easier actually.  We would take breaks between the long sets and reps and keep working.  Some days we had to move a day out or do double in one day!

     We took the last few days of the challenge and did them early July because how hot it was.  The house was so hot we were getting dizzy doing them!  As time went on we did get stronger and stronger and realized we do want to keep up the challenge every day with doing a few then maybe this fall doing the full challenge again.

    We were both excited because we did it and no matter how hard it got we keep going I feel my core is a lot stronger and will continue to work on it daily.  I will keep you posted when we decide to do it again.

  I don't exactly have washboard abs so no pics... Yet....

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