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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kitty for a Day...

     We had such an amazing weekend and did so much!  However Sunday was one heck of a day...  I plan on updating the weekend.  Sunday Kayla and I were talking about a kitten for a while, we looked around and finally headed over to Lollypop farm.  We looked around and finally filled out some forms and gave some ideas to the staff on what we wanted.  We wanted a Kitten and Female.  They had a few and some were Black and White.  We sat in the room and they brought a pair of sisters in.  They were very active and so very cute.  We played with them for a while and really liked one, she was black on top and white on the bottom.  Ones name was strawberry, the other was shortcake.  Yes I know...  Their Mom was also in the cage with them but we only saw her for a quick minute.

     After talking we took the leap and adopted shortcake.  We were so excited and filled out the paperwork.  The little kitty was in the box waiting so quietly.  We got in the car and she was so cute with her little kitty cries!  We stopped off at the store and I ran in to get supplies.  We finally got home and put the kitty and all her stuff in Quinn's room.  We showed her to Eve and well she didn't take well.    She hissed but we just figured she was laying down the rules.  After some time we played with the kitty and tried to bring in Eve more and more.  Well it didn't work out...  Eve a full grown big cat was so scared over this little 3 pound puff ball.  We tired and tried but Eve was so scared she just wanted out.  She actually jumped over the kiddy gate we put up for the kitty.  Well to say the least it was hard.  I was going away and we thought they said we only had 7 days before we could bring the kitty back.  We tried some more but Eve was so upset we couldn't even find her.  We packed up all the stuff and the poor kitty and headed out.  Kay couldn't hold back the tears as I drove I tried as well.  This little kitty just wanted a home.

     We knew Eve would not adjust and we didn't want her to get sick.  Being scared isn't something you can get over always, and we can't exactly talk to cats.  We brought her back and they advised it just takes time but we told them our other Cat was not  having it and there was nothing we could do.  So we  filled out some more paperwork, said out goodbye's and left.  I held Kay in the parking lot and we both cried a little because we were so excited and partly upset but there is nothing we can do Eve is our Cat and if she is scared we have to make her feel comfortable.

     So we returned all the stuff and headed home.  We actually had to find her again because she was still hiding.  We showed her the Kitty was gone and comforted her some more.  It was so hard to see our loving Cat so shaken up :(  After a few hours she finally relaxed.  I guess one day when Eve passes we may come to this road again.  We would either look for a Dog or two cats that are kittens and are buddies so they can grow up together.

     It was hard because Eve lived around other Cats.  My Ex and I got her as a Kitten and she grew up so we thought she was going to be more like a Mother.  They said at the place we could bring her back anytime later but we knew it was just so hard and we had to bring her back.  We knew she would get picked up because she was cute and a Kitten and we tired.  As the night winded down it was business as usual so as I end this post I hope our little day Kitten we babysat today is safe and we are sorry our Cat well is scared, probably of everything, but we love her and she was there for me when I moved and the hose was along and it was just us.  I hope one day we can maybe even try it again...

Always remember,

You are never alone...


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