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Monday, August 25, 2014

The weekend Update

     This weekend is over and thus our long vacation.  Well we worked this past week but as I will explain later Connor Kalya's younger brother came home with us.  So we extended it a little and that is why the post have been slower.  This past weekend Kayla's Dad and other younger brother Andrew came up to pick up Connor.   It was nice to spend time with all of them and have some dinners and hang out.  Quinn loves her family and she gets along with them so well.  Saturday they arrived and we got some lunch, then headed out to the mall to get some things for her brothers.

     After we hung and talked, my Mom stopped over to even say hello our friends Matt and Becky as well.  We got some dinner and just hung out.  We watched some TV, payed some Wii and had fun.  Connor, Quinn and I played some board games.  We haven't played in a while and like posted about before her games help her count and work on skills she actually use.  

     Sunday we headed to breakfast and then said goodbye to Kayla's family as they went home.  Kayla and I cleaned up the whole house and played with Quinn.  We watched some TV, went to the playground and just chilled.  I will admit it got difficult because Quinn wanted to just have us push her on the swing.  We have been showing her how to pump her legs but I feel she just wants the easy way. As she gets older I tell her she has to start doing things her self.  We got home and had some dinner then it was off home to her Mom's.  Over all it was a great weekend and now we have some time apart.  I have her mid week but then next week it is my week off.  So as we get ready for fall I will work hard to update my blog and get some post done.

Enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here we are playing some games!

Kay and Quinn at the park swinging! 

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