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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Where does your $100 stand?

Today on Yahoo there was an article about how far $100 would go in every state.  Below is a map.  As I looked over the article it explained how southern and mid west states have the biggest edge.  As you look at the maps below see where you live and stand.  Think about other states and how if you moved it could effect your life.  You do have to remember states that have higher taxes usually pay more, "usually."  Not paying employees their value is something most companies love to share...

Here is an insert from the article.
"It’s no surprise that the states where people earn more tend to have higher prices for goods, services, and housing. High income-tax rates can also limit the the purchasing power of workers, depending on the state they live in. The state income tax rate in Kentucky is among the lowest in the nation at 6%. Comparatively, in Washington, D.C., the income tax rate is 8.95%. In part due to lower income taxes, a hundred-dollar bill in Kentucky is worth 33% more than it is in D.C. Someone earning $40,000 in Kentucky would need to earn at least $53,000 in Washington, D.C. just to maintain the same standard of living.
Now you can see why retirees so often choose their retirement destination based on tax rates. When you're on a fixed income, the cost of living in your state can make or break your nest egg."
Source: Tax Foundation
   Without even looking I knew NY, CA and DC would be the top few.  Yes I was right.  DC is because well we have to pay all those hard working corrupt gov't officials.  It's not cheap writing everything off on taxpayers and screwing over America!  CA because well its CA, and NY because I think we just want to follow CA without all the beaches and nice weather.  NY has and always be one of the most expensive states to live in.  I still don't know why when others around us are clearly not.  Maybe if we moved NYC to PA or NJ then NY would have a better shot?  All I know is there are a few kinds of New Yorkers for the working world.
1) The person who is rich and doesn't look down at the rest of us.
2) The middle class group that probably works more than one job or has multi incomes and tries to keep above the water.
3) Lower class people that are working as hard as they can but can't find work or work to much to get a better job or education.
4) The Lazy Ass's.  These are people abusing state aid and look poor, but usually have a smart phone, do drugs have 8+ kids, and like the Rich think they are better than everyone.
  As you can see below again CA, NY and DC get screwed yet again.  I have a buddy that lives in NC I think he knows what he's doing.....  Great Rates, pretty much perfect weather...  Yup if everyone in the country saw this post I think we would all try to move, at least out of a few area's...
Source: Tax Foundation

Weather this gets through or not the states will always be the same.  I live in NY and I love the state in general but we are just taxed to death.  I love when my dad tells someone down south what his taxes are to the size of his home.  Then that person says how his house is twice the size and the taxes are half.  Makes me laugh...

I love NY... Just not the taxes...

Always remember,
You are never alone...



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