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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday's Tip: Get a Boat.

     So over the weekend I saw the movie Noah, the new one that came out and it wasn't bad.  Didn't get the best reviews and it was a darker side to the bible story we were all told at one point in our lives.  It was interesting to see how movies now have a darker side that could have been except we usually put a very nice glow on everything.  Later that night the MTV Awards came on and I realized maybe it is time to look for a boat.  After seeing how we live and treat this planet I can't help but wonder when the next disaster is.  I see people addicted to their technology, fame and wealth.  People posting things for other to view just to make money or a laugh.  Movies intended to make a new generation laugh with dumb humor or bad story lines. 

     I know there is still good out there I just wonder after seeing a movie were the world was cleansed because of what man kind has done, then looking outside and seeing a world like ours.  There is still good I know.  Many people out there helping others, trying to make this world a better place but is that enough to cover up the pollution or greed.  I was driving home one day and saw a guy waiting for the bus, as I drove by he finished his drink and just threw the container behind him.  Sad to see how we treat the world that we call home.  How much longer will it last till our lands and sea's are unfixable.  I think we just don't care because it will affect other generations not us.  Sometimes I feel the world is beyond repair.  I feel there is just to much pollution and the world needs us rid so it can heal.  Man however just pushes on, we build more and more machines.

     We have had bad storms take many lives and the earth is always changing.  Will something big come?  Probably the Earth won't be around forever, new stars and planets are born as others die.  I hope as we age we see what we have done and if we have to move on treat a new home better than what we did.  Is it fixable?  Probably but the people working to fix I just feel are out numbered by the ones destroying...

    What would we do if the world finally gave, if it came down to the end most would probably pray. Are we to late is the question.  Does there need to be another great flood or will we just simply destroy each other...
In the mean time do what you can to help out and keep our world a good place to be.  Remember we only have one...
Always remember,
You are Never alone...

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