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Monday, September 12, 2011

Feeling Strong? We were!

The following blog is for the weekend of Aug 9th-11th.

The weekend finally came and I was so ready.  I couldn't wait it was a long week.  I picked up the munch and we went and go dinner.  We went home and ate and then went off to the playground down the street!  We had so much fun.  We relaxed that night and watched some TV then were off to bed. 

The next day we had a big day!  We got up and had breakfast, hung out for a little.  Mike aka Laz my buddy came over and spend some time with us.  We played with Quinn and had some lunch and watched a little TV.  Quinn really liked Mike he was so good with her she jumped all over her!

Later that day we went to the Strong Museum of Play!


This month Paychex employee’s get in free!  It was amazing there was so much to do.  We went to all different rooms!  There were puzzles and games and even a small Wegmans food market.  Where you can pick up items the check out.  Then you go and put them back.  We had so much fun getting the items.  There was all different theme’s and really interesting things.  They had a game exhibit with all different old systems and they even had a room where you could play really arcade games!  We were there for hours but we could have stayed longer there was so much to do.   The place was just so much fun I wanna go again and go on a tour some day.  There was so much interesting things I saw.  Old games new games.  They had games off the time frames!  There was so much to do i think were gonna have to go back!

Quinn had so much fun that afternoon I can’t wait to explain more in the pictures.  After we got home we went across the street my neighbors were having a grad party.  Quinn was the star!  She was just so cute talking to all the guest and just making everyone laugh.  We had a great dinner and some sweets to end off a great day.

Sunday Quinn and I went to church and after went out for lunch.  We took a short nap but I just think she was so excited she didn’t sleep that much.  We stopped over at the Rothfuss house.  Ann and Jeff were there.  The Rothfuss’s are very close friends of ours.  We had a great time playing and even got on the tractor! 

Later that day we stopped over to my parents to say hello.  My dad got my mom new camera for her birthday so they were really cool to give us theirs.  So I got a little new upgrade!  Thanks mom and dad!!!  After a little visit with mom and dad I brought Quinn back. 

It was a good weekend and next weekend we have a lot planned as well!   

Enjoy the pics! 

Back to the park!

Action Shot!

Driving the car!

Down the slide I go!!!

Mike came over so I jumped on him!

Maybe I shouldn't have let her seen Goodfella's and the Godfather!! She may put a hit out!!! Well at least I know i've got protection.

Here we are!!!

Look at how big this place is!

We played in the Mail room!  Anyone get a letter in the mail?

Here she is mailing it!

I hope that is going to me!

I hope she doesn't take after me by putting her name on the board.

Clear for take off!

No we didn't go shopping, we went to the play Wegmans!

Here she is checking me out!  I hope I got my bonus card!

Make sure you get the good cut!

Let's keep moving!

Now she's selling hot's and hamburgs! 

I got my own puppet show!

Sure you get to rest but I don't

The room was tilted it was so much fun!

My little pirate! 

Look at me daddy!  You want to see the show? $10.50!  

Chillin in the Lincoln Logs house.

Here we are in the comic book section, look how strong she is with this activity! 

Daddy didn't want to leave this area!!!

We even saw superman!

We even went to the reading area.

Wow talk about a chess game!

More laying down!!!! I need a rest too you know!

Bye, we'll be back!

Just straight up Chillin...

Sunday afternoon we went and saw Mrs. Rothfuss and her son Jeff!  I haven't seen Jeff in years he got so big!

Awesome now Quinn can fix my ripped shirts!

Look at that big tractor!
You have to make sure you play the Big Green tractor song on the playlist above for the next couple pics!

I had to ride both tractors!  Now it was time for the red one!
If you haven't yet make sure you play the Alan Jackson song gone country on the playlist.

My little farmer!

Here we are! I finally made the blog haha.

She even picked some corn.

She had a blast.  I mean what farmer doesn't wear Pink!

Here is Mrs. Rothfuss and Quinn.

Playing with the kitty.

Oma and Quinn!

Here is Quinn and my parents. 

Relaxing on the Couch.

We had such a great weekend!  We played and learned and saw friends.  I can't wait for our next adventure.  The blog is really coming along.  I actually fixed up the blog post in July for the balloon rally.  If you have time go back to the main page and to the right are all the older post.  Check out the balloon rally in July.  If you go to the bottom there are 2 video's!  Check them out!  I should have video's next post, this weekend the camera was giving me issues!  Ohh well.  I hope all is well.  I can't wait we have a lot going on this fall and its gonna be great so stay posted...

I love you.


  1. Hey Chris,

    Your blog has gotten better and better. I enjoyed the videos of the balloon rally, the turtle was awsome. What happen to the Munch video.
    Grandma, would have loved to see her on a tractor.
    Keep sending the love!!!

    Love you bushels, Aunt Ro

  2. The Strong Museum of Play looks awesome! I'm sure you had so much fun there, very nice!


  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! Your daughter is so cute :)