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Friday, September 9, 2011

Oma's Birthday

Hey all the past week had been a great one.  The past weekend I went to Kyle parents house in Webster.  It was Keri's birthday and they were up from NC.  Kyle and i have been friends since middle school.  One of my inner circle of friends he has been loyal and there for me for many years.  I stood up in his wedding.  We have so much fun when he's in town.  We had a great night, I brought Dave as my date.  He always is a great date...  There were a lot of people there from the wedding like all her friends and their husbands.  After we headed out and got a drink and just got to catch up.

Saturday and sunday I had to work and just laid low i was so tired.  Monday I picked up the munch it was Labor day!  We went to breakfast with my parents and uncle kenny!  It was my mom's birthday on sunday so we celebrated on Monday.  After breakfast we went back and had some cake and ice cream.  My mom got to open her gift and we all enjoyed Quinn!

After we took a nap back at home and then just hung out till it was time to go!  It was a great labor day.  Mid week i got to pick up Quinn and i took my aunt Ro out for dinner.  We went to friendly's and had a great time!  It was a great dinner.  Quinn is growing up and she is so amazing...

We got home relaxed and off to bed.  I can't wait for this weekend we have so much planned!!!

I hope you enjoy the pics!
There's the birthday girl!  Kyle held a lighter behind the cupcake.  It was totally Webster style!

There's homeboy (kyle's dad), Big Dave, vinny, Kelly in front.

Oma and Quin blowing out the candles! Quinn was so excited!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

There is my little Angel...
Wed night she was tired out!!!
Wed the munch wanted to sleep in dads bed, i don't mind, if she only picked a side!!!

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I hope all is well and i will talk to you soon!

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