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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Is It the Weekend Yet?

Hello all,
I just wanted to wish everyone a happy work week!  I got a comment the other day and wanted to answer it.  I though i would answer it via video.  I made the video but it didn't turn out correct so what im going to do is correct it tonight and then post the response tomorrow.  To my anonymous friend who has been leaving comments i think you.  I will leave this video post for you.  And should be there ready on 09/21/11.  I had some time to think about your question and hope the next post answers it.  I work up today feeling i don't fully answered it to my best...  But i feel for now it is what i can give. 

The week has been rainy.  I have Quinn tomorrow so i am excited.  Today was kinda tough i woke up from a pretty bad nightmare.  I haven't had one in a while im not really sure what dreams mean or what the whole back story to them is so if you have any experience please let me know i'de like to share this one with someone who may know the meaning.  It wasn't like troubling or anything but i just don't want to post it.  I wouldn't mind sharing it with someone who has some knowledge or maybe if you just wanna hear it i guess lol..


  1. Hope all is well with you. Try not to let anonymous commentors get to you...there will always be haters. She probably just has a grudge against her own ex-husband and is now anti-man so is taking it out on you. Look forward to seeing your vlog. Have fun with Quinn tomorrow :)


  2. Hey Chris,

    Single Mommy is right........do not spend your life "answering' comments from someone who will not identify themselves. You have too many friends and family who support you, and you know who we are!!!

    And you are cute but I love the videos of my great neice!!! ha ha

    And I always end up anoymous cause that is the only way I can send a message, but it is Aunt Ro.

    love you bushels, Aunt Ro