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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Were still making changes...

    Hey all!  Well as you can see and hear the site is still under construction!  Well you know how it goes, one guy works well the other three drink coffee and look at the one guy work!  I go "HEY WORK ON MY BLOG"  They all go "WERE IN THE UNION!"  So i've got nuthin!

    Well i made a few changes like taking out the auto play for the music.  It's still there but now at least it's not overpowering.  I also changed the background so the wording is easier.   I had to use something the site offered for now... But I will find a pic that works!  As far as the design, I am working on that now so hopefully by October we will have a full face lift!  I have to sit down with my IT dept.

    I've been busy looking at other blogs and steeling, I mean borrowing some great ideas!  I currently follow about a bunch hard core and have two advanced bloggers I have gotten some great ideas from!
Special thanks to Dan (Single Dad Laughing) and Tania (single Mommy).  They are some single parents I've been talking to that have been a real big support.  I want to thank you both so much...  I have had a lot of great people leaving great comments, Dan and Tania have been really supportive their blogs have been such an inspiration.  But what really is so awesome is how they have talked to me, I know being a single parent you are busy but they have been so wonderful replying to emails and leaving comments...
Thank you!

    Other than that I have the munch this weekend and I am really excited we have a lot planned and I know she will keep me busy!  Talk to everyone soon!

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  1. I love your blog Chris, your honesty is amazing. Tania (Single Mommy) is actually one of my best friends, outside the blog world. She's a true inspiration and is going through the same thing as you. <3