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Monday, September 5, 2011

A little Upgrade...

Hello all I hope you all are having a great holiday weekend!  I pretty much worked all weekend but it's just how it goes...

Last night i did get to spend some time with and old friend.  After work i stopped over Rob and Greta's house.  They live about 25 Min from my other job.  Rob has a lot of work doing web design and sights.  Last night i stopped over and they both helped me up my site!  After I got us some dinner for their wonderful help and knowledge and we talked about old memories and our houses and pets we own.  It was such a nice night!  Thanks Rob and Greta!!!!

As you can see it is now 2.0.  I am still not sure of the background, i am having issues with the wording but i hope to change it up here and there.  The music player i though would be fun, you can pause or mute your computer if you wish.  I also found out how to put video on a blog!

If i have a video just pause the music.  I will try to keep my play list empty if I have a video that entry but if not just pause it so you can hear the video.  I have a couple more things here and there but i am excited it is coming along!  I am excited to get some new back grounds and switch up music and video now too!!  So if you have any request just let me know!

Also, the site issues i heard about should be gone.  I know people said they couldn't comments.  At the very bottom is the comment section.  But i think you cant from a phone you need a computer.  Also if the follow link and follow email is not working just refresh, it should.  If you have a yahoo, gmail or other account feel free to follow.  Or just keep checking in from time to time! Hey you never know you may make the video section!  Any other issues let me know so I can address them but i think were good!

Here is a sample video i have of Quinn and I at the cabin.  It's not long but i wanted to test it out!  Let me know what you think!!!

Talk to you all soon!


  1. Wow, videos! How great is that!!!! Helpful hints, turn off back ground noise when filming.(TV) Lights, camera, action.......and always plenty of action with our Quinn!!! love you bushels, Aunt Ro

  2. Great! your site is getting better everyday! nice look, more fun, more real! - Darwin