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Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Quiet Weekend

    Before I begin I just had to say I receive my first comment of lets say “constructive crisisim” for my last post from an anonyms person.   Honestly at first I was upset about it but then I realized it’s okay.  I allowed people to post so I can only take it and learn. 

    To my anonyms tipster, if you are reading this I just wanted to say the last post was just to tell my readers, family, and friends that I got my final papers and had a bad day.  I don’t talk about what happened or anything I wrote it was all under the bridge.  As far as being sensitive well you got me there. Haha.. I would be the first person to tell you that. 

    For my friends and readers that posted for me I think you.  Your words were really positive and they really helped.  I make sure I post great days and adventures as well as thoughts and even sad days.  Like I said before maybe someone else is going though it or having a tough day.  I think as a society its great to laugh together but also cry together…

For my anonymous poster I leave you with this...

"The very man who has argued you down, will sometimes be found, years later, to have been influenced by what you said" 
C.S Lewis

I may or may not know you, if you have gone through a bad breakup or divorce then my heart goes out to you.  If not, then I hope you never do.   

Thank you for your comment...

I’m not going to lie I was taken off guard by that comment I felt kicked, down I was not out!  So I though a little humor would make my readers laugh…  I mean who doesn't love Bobby Hill!   Enjoy the video make sure to mute the music… 
Sorry it may take a minute to load.

    So this weekend was good.  My hours were shortened so I had more time to get some things done.  I got both bathrooms cleaned Saturday, which was good.  After I got out of work I had to swing by the rents they had some people over so I hung out there then headed down the road to meet up with my Buddy Kevin aka Kevman and some people.  So I open a tab and don’t even finish my beer b/c he needed a ride home.  He had his share let’s just say haha… So I get him home now mind you the passenger side window is broke and doesn’t not go down.  So I’m like dude just hold on!!!  Thankfully he lives close!!! 

    We get to his house and he gets us in the garage but the door to the inside wasn’t open.  It’s one of those numeric ones you enter well I didn’t remember the code and he kept giving me the garage one!!!  So im trying to call his wife and he’s going put in the code lol im like I am!!!!  So I get his older brother and we got the code and got in.  He looks at me and goes how did you get in? haha I go I got us in!  So got him set and hung out with one of his older brothers that stopped in.  It was a quick night but I’d do anything for him because he was always there for me.  When things were going not so well with my own marriage Kevin was always there for me. 

    Sunday I just worked, like always lol but got out to relax.  This week I have an extra nigh off from Lowe’s so I may go disk golfing…    Other than that things are well.  Time passes on and I’m excited about the fall.   Quinn and my b-days are coming up in October, and I can’t wait for cooler weather and leaves changing and wearing corduroy!!!  Yea I know I like it what can I say.  I get slack b/c I wear a corduroy jacket and pants haha I guess that’s like a no no or something ehh ohhh well. I post some pics and let you be the judges….  Well other than that I guess that all I got! 

Talk to you all soon!


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