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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Is it Monday again?

   How many times do we get to work and say to our co-workers,"is it Monday again?"  Well I guess if you want to be accurate 52...  I guess after working over the weekend and now it being Sunday night as I blog I just can't believe how fast the time is going.  Sometimes I see how fast Quinn is growing up and feel I don't get to be there for most of it.  I guess I just have to accept what it is and move on.  But tomorrow as I wake up and yet again tell my self its Monday.   I have to think about the joy in my life and that spring is here.  Well kinda, it was here in March then left I guess...  But what ever the case maybe there are a lot of people that have to work more than one job and find them selves working an extra job on the weekends or working after their first job.

    Well this post maybe short and quick but I just wanted to say to anyone out there tonight I hope you rest easy and know that maybe you have to work harder than others, maybe you feel its not fair to get settled down just to get up again and do it all over again...  My heart goes out to you and you are not alone.  As you drive home know that someday you won't have to do it all, some day your life will turn around and you will have only one job and have the time time to spend with your kids, your family...

    I guess one of the hardest parts of working two jobs is just how fast life is going by.  I look back and wonder maybe if i should have fought for more in the divorce, I left thinking we would work it out and i know now this will never be.  I wonder how much longer I have do this, changing shoes as I go from one job to another.  Showing at midnight and getting up with stiff joints and tired shoulders...

    No matter how tired I am after work I still love coming home and sitting down to some of the blogs I love to read then post mine for the next day.  But I can't sit here and type how I should have asked for more or done this or that.  Everything is in the past and my dad always told me we can only more forward.  So although my weekend is over and lost of people got to spend it with their families and my daughter's mom gets her more I still have to lay my head down and be thankful for everything I have.  For everyone who loves me and I love.  My family, friends, my faith, job's and the fact that I have a roof over my head, health insurance and food in the fridge.  There are so many others less fortunate and I have to remember this.

  I hope everyone who reads this can get out of work and put their feet up.  Enjoy your day love your kids, be thankful...

Always remember,
You are never alone...
PS I never got a good April fools joke in either! Well happy fools day everyone!!!

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