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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Some of the best years of your life…

            Well this fall I approach the 31 yr mark.  The past 30 years have been a learning experience.  I think from about 17 to 25 you really start to shine and I would say have some of your most fun.  I have learned that as a child there are sleep over’s and pool parties.  Riding bikes with your fiends and starting to bond with kids you will be friends with for life.  As you enter your final year of High School you really start to make your final mark as a young adult.  College gives you time to live off your parents but you have to be more responsible and getting ready for life.  Your final year of high school allows you to work a little and get some cash but really just go to class and hang out with your fiends.  By your last year of HS you will probably have your heart broken maybe once or twice, but don’t worry it will heal.  You will probably have nickname and a few great started stories to get you in college and have people laugh over.  Having a car you will have the freedom to travel and start going to parties and just doing what ever it is you want to do. 

            I learned and found that when you enter college you really start to find your core friends and work, and just be in this little bubble of being taken care of by family, but also getting ready to leave the nest.  I never lived on campus so I don’t know the feeling of that but I loved just being able to travel to all different colleges and see my friends.  Have a blast of a night and then go home in the morning to my clean room and home. Worked out great!  College is probably one of the best years of your life, it gives us that freedom to go out and have fun meet people, it allows us to make a little extra money but really just enjoy our youth.  I threw a few good parties in my day and I’m really glad I went and experienced college.  To be honest I’m not sure what the whole college thing is for.  There are some degrees that you really have to go for like being a doctor or lawyer but honestly…. I think college is just for kids to burn some fuel, learn about them selves and gain some responsibility.   After all when you get out the company trains you anyway!!! 

            After you leave college you will never get those years back and time doesn’t stop for anybody!  After college I settled down and got married about a year later.  I had a baby not to much longer and now here I am.  I’m 30 divorced with a little one.  Starting over and if you think it’s easy, its not!  If I was older then I would just be able to find someone and love them.  No kids to think about or anything.  If I was younger I could take my time to just do what ever but being 30 if I want more kids I have to make moves.  I have to meet someone, get to know them, date, get engaged again (buy another ring) and then get married, and then have kids…  All in all this can take years and by the time I look I’m pushing 40.  So I’m to old to just say I’ve got time, I’m to young to count out kids…  I look back and can’t believe how old I am.  If I went to a college party (not sure why) I would be called the old guy and told to beat it.  I have been working since I was 15 and lost a lot of time because of it.  My first year out of college was a great year to finish visiting friends at school, making better money and just winding down my college years. 

            As we grow older the responsibility grows and the late nights fade.  I find my self laughing with my friends at 10:00pm approaches and we have to call it a night.  Before I would be showing after work to go out at 10:00pm.   I find making my daughter nap so I can get one in!  I find my self doing more dinners with friends and small bonfires after.

            I would say becoming a father was a moment I will never forget.  The time you look down at your little special child.  So when I think about it I don’t have a best time just different ones.  I would say I had a great life and great different parts of them. 

            I still have a lot of living to do and if you asked someone older I’m sure they will have many times in their lives they would have to think about…  But growing up I had such a great childhood and then growing up I was very fortunate to have great family and friends.  When I look back at the few years of my divorce I try not to think about the hard times but what is ahead.  You can’t go back but only forward. 

            I could post on but I want you to think about some of the best years of your life.  Think about growing up and your friends and family, your child hood and funny stories that make you laugh.  Think about some trouble you did as a teen or adventures you had, lost loves, children and even grandchildren. 

            If I could close with this, life has its ups and down’s but think about the good and keep moving on.  I know sometimes the bad feels hard to forget but think about all the love in your life and surround your self with pictures of loved ones and memories.   Remember just because the past of good times is over doesn’t mean you can’t have a future of good ones to look forward to…

Keep family and friends close, the good memories and times will follow...

Always remember
You are never alone…

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