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Monday, August 26, 2013

A last weekend,weekend update...

     I know I got behind on this weeks post so here is Dave's and Jenn's Party pics from last week that I talked about.  It was last Saturday and we had a blast.  Dave and Jenn are getting married next fall so they had everyone over to celebrate.  The day was so much fun I love spending time with them and we always have a blast.  Here are some of the pics!

Here is Jenn! (not exactly with who)

Dave, Jenn and both of Dave's Grandmother's

Dave, Jenn and Dave's Parents

Here is Dave, Jenn, Jake Josh and my self.  Josh, Jake and I are in the wedding!


Dave, Jenn and Jenn's Dad and Stepmom 

Here we all are again this time including Mark, Dave's brother who also is in the wedding!

Dave's Mom and I!

     Sometimes when wedding things come up I remember my own days of going through my old marriage.  Over the past few year's as my life adjusted I now enjoy seeing weddings, it was hard in the beginning but seeing Dave and Jenn just make me so happy.  It was good seeing Dave's family and meeting Jenns family.  Dave's Mom and I have worked on other parties for Dave so this time we got a pic, as you can see.  The day was just so nice I am so excited for the weeding and I can't wait to show you all more pics.  Love is beautiful thing and even a divorce can't keep one bitter for ever.  I was so happy to be there to share their special day.

     I can't wait too see the the next year go as they get ready for the wedding.  I can't wait to keep you all posted as well.  The wedding is planned for next September and next summer we have a stag party to get ready for!  I can't wait to update you on this weekend's update!  Talk to you all soon!

Always remember,

You are never alone.


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