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Friday, August 30, 2013

The Responsibilities go up!

     I am taking a quick second to let everyone know how excited I am!  I have a few post still to talk about the wonderful weekend we had but because I haven't uploaded my pictures I will get them up this weekend. 

     This week was very important, Quinn got to see her new school!  She starts Kindergarten!  She will be in the AM class.  Almost all of the schools now do all day, but the one she is in still splits it up.  Well Wednesday I took a a few hours off to go and see her new class!  Quinn, her Mom and I got to walk around and look at her class, drop off some supplies and meet her new teacher!  It was really nice because the kids got  view of what they would be doing and seeing some of their friends they new from pre-school.  Quinn had a blast, she got a good feel for the room and school, she played with some toys and just got settled.  Her Mom and I got to also see where we need to drop her off as well as we got to speak with her teacher and introduce our selves.  I can't wait to show yo pictures!  Yesterday I left work a little early to see her other school program.  Since Quin only goes 1/2 day she will be in a program run by the YMCA where she will take the bus to another place to learn and grow.  The program is great, we met her teacher there and saw her classroom.  They continue teaching and bring them outside to play.  We really liked this program because there were kids and things to do for smaller kids.  We also liked the fact that they continue to educate and Quinn will keep learning.  The staff was wonderful and Quinn played as we talked to her teacher and just looked around.

     This year is different however.  We will now have to pack her lunch!  Quinn will leave her school and go to her after school program where she will eat her lunch.  So now we get to pack her lunch, thing is no peanut products!  So PB&J is out the window lol...  She now has a cute backpack and we have to do some school shopping which is pretty much done but I am excited because everyones responsibilities are going up.  This next stage in our lives is very important, she starts school!  She now will meet more kids and have to start learning.  Her day won't just be filled with playing aorund!  (boy i miss those days)  Her after school program and her class have lots of activities and toys for the kids to well still be kids.  I can't wait to see this school year start and see what she is learning!  I also can't wait to update you and show you some pics of her room!

  As we start this school year off I hope all kids have a great year and had a wonderful summer.   Always remember an education is so important so please help them out and show them how fun and exciting school is!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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