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Monday, August 12, 2013

The Weekend update!

     The weekend has come and gone and we have had yet another great adventure!  Friday I picked up Quinn and we headed home to have some dinner.  We went out after and picked up a movie and just relaxed since the week was long.  Saturday we got up and had some breakfast, then played a little before we started our movie!  Quinn and I rented Journey 2, the mystic Island.  It was cute and Quinn really enjoyed it.  

     That night my parents took her out to dinner to spend some time her and she had a great time.  I picked her up and she was just so excited to tell me all about her dinner and what she had.  Sunday we got up and went to Church.  We haven't gone in quite some time and we both wanted to go.  It was nice because there sere some people that haven't seen Quinn in long time.  After we all went out to breakfast  with the family and some friends.  Later Quinn and I played with her Elmo Playdoh toy, she had such a great time!  It was just nice to sit with her and just see her play and learn.  Just a Dad and his Daughter, a time to just sit and watch her play.

     We then headed to the park one more time before dinner!  Quinn wanted to play one more time before she went home.  We hit the swings, the slide and some other small things she likes to go on.  Sundays are always hard because I have to say goodbye.  No matter how much I think I have gotten used to it I really haven't.  I know it's August but the summer is still not over!  There will be more to come!  

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone... 

Here we are playing on Sunday!

Time to get some exercise!

My little girl.

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