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Monday, August 5, 2013

The second half of our carnival weekend!

     I did let the week get away from me but I wanted to post about the second night at the carnival we had!  Saturday night we headed out with my parents and went down to the carnival!  Quinn was so excited, we got there and got some tickets and Quinn got right to running around finding the rides she liked!  The weather was getting cloudy and yes it started to rain later but we made it!  After riding some rides we took the time to have some funnel cake and just enjoy the night.

     It was cute because my Dad took Quinn on the same ride my Aunt did the night before.  I told him had to because Aunt Ro did!  I took the time to walk around and just see my parents enjoying their granddaughter.  My grandfather on my father's side passed away before my brother and I were born and my grandparents on my mothers side lived in Memphis.  We saw them as much as we could but just watching my parents walk around with Quinn made my night.  I can't tell you how many times I thought about what I would ever say to my grandfather, the one I never got to meet.  Seeing my father spoil Quinn made me smile and I knew my grandfather, his father was proud.  We enjoyed the night and just before it started raining hard I got the last ride in and we headed for the tent to stay dry.

     Later that night after we left we stopped over the neighbors and said hello.  There was a birthday party going on and we stopped in to see how everyone was.  Quinn had a great time and played with the kids.  She loves going over to the neighbors house.  We went to bed after and spend Sunday just relaxing and getting rested from the long weekend.

     However Saturday we had some big news!  A few weeks ago a good friend gave us a bed for Quinn.  She was ready for a new bed and out grew her old one.  I was so excited because Quinn was growing up and another part of growing up is taking new steps.  I can still remember her in her crib standing there waiting for me to pick her up.  Now with Quinn in her big girl bed I realized my little girl is yet again growing up.  She loves it and had been sleeping in it since.    I hope this one last for a while or else she'll be in my bed and I'll have to upgrade!

I hope you enjoy the pics!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


Quinn's new bed!

She is so excited!

Here is my Dad and Quinn.

Look at them go!

There she goes again, running around.

Quinn and Oma!

There they are again!

Here we go last ride!

Just hanging out after the carnival.

Just dancing around.

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