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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's Tip: Keeping Track of traveling Items

     I named this post traveling items because it is about items that our children will move from one home to the other.  When I pick up Quinn she usually wants to bring something over and this is totally fine, untill it's time to go and we can't find it.  For a while it was her bunny, we always misplaced that untill i started telling her to leave it in the car or in a safe place untill it was bed time.  Posting about their security item is something i want to talk about soon.

     So the last weekend Quinn came over and she likes to bring some of her things.  I don't mind at all, she wanted a pair of her sunglasses.  I told her not to bring them because she had some in the Jeep.  So come Sunday we got her stuff home but we forgot the glasses!  The next few days I looked and looked but still nothing.  I have yet to find them...  Quinn was so cute because I just kept looking and she told me not to worry she has more.  She could tell I was frustrated and that I knew I had them someplace!  As I saw my little one calm me down i knew she was just going to be fine when she grows up.  So I am still looking for the hidden sunglasses and I will  keep you all posted!

     As far as bringing stuff back and fourth a few things to keep in mind.  First, know everything they bring over and keep track of it.  As you spend time with your little one or ones just keep track of where things are, Quinn is great at back tracking but sometimes she forgets as well.  Try to have everything ready before you leave so you are also not running around looking for something last minute.  You also don't want to loose anything, but we all do every once and a while...  Second tell your child as you spend time with them to be keeping track of the things they brought over.  While a stuffed animal or blanket will probably not leave their side, sunglasses or a music player may.  Also tell them to keep track of their stuff because they don't want to loose it.  I told Quinn if she looses her music player she won't get it back.  She replied that she has a pink one as well.  I laughed becuase she was right, but that wasn't the point. 

     When it comes to me, well my short term memory is less than average thats for sure so i am alway trying to keep track of things becuase when I put something down if I don't really realize what I did i can forget.  So my tip is to share items between the other parent but also remember to keep good track of the items becuase this will teach your child responsibility.  As time goes on you move that on to them and they have to keep track of their things.  Then one day they will be more and more able to manage their things. 

     As for the sunglasses, well I may have to look for a new pair, of course one day in 5 yrs they will appear but I guess you will have to keep reading the blog to find out!

Happy Hunting!

Always remember, you are never alone

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  1. AS you great-great Grandmother Rosini, used to say.....

    The house does not steal, it hides.

    love you bushels, Aunt Ro