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Monday, October 21, 2013

A weekend I have been waiting for...

     I wait for this weekend all year!  This is the weekend Quinn and I get our Halloween on!  Friday we had dinner and just hung out.  We didn't do much because I wanted her to rest up.  Saturday when we got up we had breakfast and did some home work.  After that we went out and got Quinn's Halloween costume!  I know everyone is excited but you have to wait to see but you just have to wait!  After we just relaxed a little and then headed out to Powers Farm Market!  We walked around and fed the animals, looked in the store, got some treats and found our pumpkins!  We spent a good amount of time there and Quinn was so happy to just walk around and look at the fun activities and different things the farm offered.

     Later that night she helped me cook dinner!  We made chicken and scalloped potatoes.  Then we carved her pumpkin!  She did really well, Quinn took out all the insides and seeds and I carved it.  Quinn was so excited this was her first carving!  That night she stayed up and watched some fun movies then had some pecan pie and ice cream!  She loved it!  Sunday was so busy, but because of how much went on I actually will be blogging about Sunday later this week.

     This weekend is one of my favorites just because I love fall and Halloween, the cooler weather, the color changes on the leaves just that amazing season NY offers and the fun spooky time and all the scary movies on!  There is no other time like it!  I like scary movies, but mainly during this time of the year.  You have to watch scary movies in October!  I mean, come on!  I just like this weekend because I take her out and we do all the fun fall stuff.  She gets so excited when we shop for a costume, I let her pick out anything and she just loves it.

     I hope everyone is having a great fall season!  Enjoy all the fun pics and always keep me posted on how your fall season is going!

Always Remember,
You are never alone...


Here is my little diva!

Here we are!  We went inside, it was so much fun!

The sheep!

Here we are feeding them!

A little Faun.


Pumpkin picking time!

Quinn found it!

She loved playing with it.

Our chicken dinner.

Pumpkin Carving time!

Cleaning out the pumpkin!

Carving time!

Not to shabby!

We then cooked the seeds!

Time for pie!


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