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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday’s tip: Go slow with their homework

             As Quinn has been getting more and more homework I have been working on my own.  As she encounters her frustrations I have been trying to be supportive and just be there for her.  When she get’s upset I usually tell her she’s doing fine and we work together on it.  She is working on her letters and numbers.  There are a few that are difficult so I have her trace mine a few times till she gets the hang of it.  Quinn is left handed so that makes it more difficult because they do write differently so it is hard for me because I am right handed so I can’t just tell her to watch me.  It has been cute she gets frustrated and I get flash backs from my day!  I tell her this is the easy home work! 
                When doing homework with your child just be there to help them and keep encouraging them along.  Don’t do it for them, but don’t just let them do one example and then stop.  Homework needs a good medium and make sure you are doing it on the weekend.   Weekend homework makes your child know that even though they have the days off they still need to work. However going slow and just working with them is very important.  Sit down, turn off any distractions and just focus on the task at hand.  Encourage them and tell them they are doing great, when they do a good job or get something wright be excited!  You don’t have to reward them for every homework problem but maybe when it is all done you can do something nice.
                Showing frustration will only worsen the issue.  If you show frustration they will more.  Growing up my parents were always so good with me.  No matter how stumped I was they just kept working with me and on the issue at hand.  The key is to be in control and just not let the problem control you.  Do your own homework and find out what they are doing so when they have questions you will know how to help them.  I know when Quinn stats doing math I will.  I never was good at math so I’m sure I will have to dust up on my own skills. 
                While the work is easy however I continue to help her and encourage her that homework is a good thing and well, she will be doing it for a long time…
Another tip is to get the work done early so you have the night/weekend to do other things!
Always remember,
You are never alone.

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