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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quinn is just to cute sometimes.

     The other night I was talking to Quinn at home and I told her something and she replies "for real"?  I just laughed.  She then told me something and said it again, but this time she told me, "for real dad".  I just laughed so hard.  She smiled and then just looked like her cute self.  The past few years I've talked about some of the cute things she's said and documented them but I have to admit this was a new one and one of the funniest.  Just the way she said it and how she surprised me was so funny.

     Kids do say some of the funniest things and when they say it with their little voices its just to cute.  I still laugh when my family tells me about funny stories and things I've said growing up.  Not the longest blogs but I wanted to share my cute story and how she is growing up and just picking up some funny things.

     Always remember,
You are never alone...


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