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Monday, October 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Quinn!

     This past Saturday we celebrated Quinns Birthday!  We started off the morning by going and getting apple cider, and other treats from an apple farm down the road.  Quinn loved it, after we got our treats we went home and cleaned up the house and got everything ready.  My Mom and Dad, Brother, Aunt, Hughey, Vinny, Courtney and Alyese came over to celebrate Quinns day!  We had snacks then pizza for dinner and ice cream cake!  

     Quinn opened her presents and had a blast!  She got all different great things! Dolls, cloths, art crafts, DVD's and I got her a little radio.  She played with Alyese and had such an amazing day!  Well when I was working on the blog I deleted some of the pics by mistake Ugh!  I did get some saved, so I do hope you all enjoy them!

     Sunday we spend the day paying and just relaxing.  Quinn played with her Lego's!  She got from my parents.  Quinn also did some homework!  She has been writing her name and different letters.  She is doing so well, I am so proud of how hard she is working.  

Happy 5th birthday Quinn!

Always remember,
You are never alone.


Here is everyone!


Alyese and Quinn opening presents.


Quinn Blowing out her candle!

The girls!

Vinny and Alyese

Quinn and Daddy.

Here is Quinn doing some homework!

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