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Sunday, October 13, 2013

What a week!

     Well back to the ER! Again...  I think I'm gonna call this the year of the Doctor...   lol.  I joke because things are ok now...  Well Wednesday I started the day not feeling well and by midday well I was feeling worse and well there was color well, when I for kids sake, "took a number 1"  The color you don't want to see.  I left early cause of the pain and ended up back in the ER again for the second time, well honestly I think it was last year when I cut my finger so I guess it has been some time now that I think about it.  Well they did some test and they think it was just an infection.  Scans show the good old organs are in good shape and I don't have any stones floating around which I was afraid of but never felt any pain in my stomach so.

     The other good news is any test done while in the ER are covered in the one co-pay so that was good news for the old wallet.  The test were the good news, so being in the ER for only about 5 hours, not bad!  Well the rest of the week went well, taking my Rx and just lots of water drinking, and getting backed up on the blog!

     Well besides all that today is my Birthday!  Happy birthday to me!  Another year, another day of knee pains and moving slower...  This coming up weekend I have the munch, I'm so excited we have a big weekend planned!!! Well since it is my birthday I think I'm gonna leave this post at I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.  If this post comes out late well my birthday is Oct. 13 so your late if you wish me happy birthday on Monday!  JK I'll take a happy Birthday in July! lol  Enjoy the week!

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