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Monday, January 20, 2014

A late but important post!

     So I know were almost through January but I have to post about Christmas!  I had Quinn Christmas this year into the next day.  I picked her up up around 11 am and we were off.  I was so excited because all Quinn's gifts were wrapped and she was so excited to come home to open them!  Quinn came in and was so excited, she ran over and just saw all her gifts and started opening them.  She started with her stocking and then moved on to the tree.  She got some dolls, board games and a Wii.

     After my parents, aunt and brother came over and we had dinner and opened more presents!  We had a great day and celebrated the joy of Christmas.  Quinn, Kayla and I had such a good morning and it was so nice to just have the day with her.  As the day went on Quinn's Godfather came over, Paul and we exchanged gifts and said hello.  Later that night we hung in and just played the Wii and enjoyed the company.  My Dad and I started off with Wii Golf as Quinn hung out with Oma.

     The past few years I have given Quinn a few board games and well given them again.  The past few years after the divorce was not easy.  I had a hard time finding funds to get a few gifts for her.  It wasn't the easiest of times and I had some board games I found on sale and some given to me by friends I wrapped them up and she opened them, I think I did this two years.  Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders.  I explained this tradition to Kayla, but told her this year we would keep them upstairs now.  I know it seems crazy I told her how a few years ago where we were and how far we came.  With things better for us now I feel so happy I can just give my daughter gifts.

     I am sorry this post was so late it has been such a busy new year start!  I also have a lot of pictures to share!  Christmas this year was so nice, Quinn had a lot of fun and thats all that mattes.  With the holiday over I am glad to say Quinn has some new upgraded toys!  I will say for a while she did need some upgrades and now she has some great ones!!!  I hope everyone had a great holiday and spent it with loved ones.  With the new year going fast I will keep everyone updated sooner on big events, or at least I will try!

With all the pics to look over I will keep my writing short.

Enjoy the pics!
Always remember,
You are never alone...

Here she goes!

Kayla and Quinn

Merry Christmas!

The two board games I have given Quinn for years now, and finally get to play.

Candy Land! Opened for the last time!

Kayla and I

Opening some gifts together!

Chuck came out to say hi to!

Oma playing Candy Land with Quinn.

Just hanging out.

Ken and Chuck hanging out!

My rents!

Here we are!

Aunt Ro and Quinn.

Here is Paul and I.

Paul and Quinn, of course she covers her face, what a punk she is sometimes! haha

Dinner time! We had potatoes, ham, veggies, and bread.

The ham.

The dinner.

Dinner time!

Time for some Wii Golf!

Oma and Quinn just hanging out.

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