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Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's not all about the TV

     Last night Quinn started off trying to get the TV on.  I told her that tonight we were going to have some dinner then play without the TV.  She's been watching a little more TV than usual and part of it is because it is cold out so I let it go.  After dinner we played cards and just had fun, it was really nice to just play games without having to zone out at the TV.  The time went by and Quinn didn't even think about it.  We played Go fish and had a blast.

     Sometimes we get wrapped up in TV because it keeps kids busy and quiet.  Honestly it does, but sometimes you have to play board games, or pay with their toys they have around the house.  Don't rely on TV to be the only thing they want to do.  Last night was just pure fun and Quinn found how much fun she can have without the TV.  There are somedays just watching TV and laying on the couch is nice I knew it was time when she tried to order me to get the TV on.  It was almost like she needed it.  Well she survived without it!  As the weather getss nicer we will spend more time outside but for now we just have to remember that keeping TV to a little won't hurt.

So as we hang out next time I think it will be easier and easier to slow off the TV.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful new year!

Always remember,
You are never alone...


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