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Thursday, January 9, 2014

How she can make me sad and proud in one moments time.

     Last night I was talking to Quinn and I asked her what she though about if I picked her up early one day from school.  She went into her usual suggestion which is cute.  She figures things out sometimes and tells me how it goes, or thinks.  She said her Mommy can pick her up and I can get her after.  I laughed and said it would be early and it would just be mine.  She said she wants her Mom to pick her up, but then said she still loved me.  I held her as we rocked and listened to music.

     I can remember when I used to pick her up from daycare how excited she was I know she doesn't mean what she says.  I guess she just likes when her Mom gets her.  I could be because I haven't picked her up enough but I talked to her about it and who knows maybe I will.  Dropping your child off at school is fun but nothing beats picking them up.  The day is over and they run to you as you get them, it hasn't be easy her Mom doesn't reach out tom me when there is time off or a snow day I get her like the divorce decree says.  I guess she's growing up and as I looked over at her last night I just couldn't believe how big she's getting.  As a single Dad the hardest part is just watching them grow up and not being there every day.  It is something a parent like I thinks they get over, but never do...

     So she told me she didn't want to pick her up but she tells me she loves me...  She makes me sad and proud all in one moment.  Ohh to be a single Dad...

     Always remember,
You are never alone...


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